Monday, July 21, 2008

Back Home

We made it home Friday afternoon about 2:30. We logged in 1,922 miles on this trip. The first 1,852 occurred without incident. Somewhere around 70 miles left to go a rock got thrown on my windshield. I'm getting ready to place some calls this morning to see about replacing a windshield in a G6. The way the tires and wipers have gone, this may not be a pretty phone call. But other than that, we had a really good trip. I'll give you some highlights of the first 3 days and some pictures today.

The line of the trip went to Cade of course. That happened on Sunday when we were in Gulf Shores. We were very careful about sunburn, especially the first few days. We didn't want to get a bad burn and be miserable the rest of the trip. We went to the beach in Orange Beach Sunday morning and then went to Gulf Shores that afternoon. When we got to Gulf Shores Cade and Jay had the following conversation.

J: Cade, I'm going to put your t-shirt on you to swim this afternoon. I don't want you to get burnt.

C: NO, I'll look like a dork.

J: No you won't, you'll look just like me. I'm wearing my t-shirt.

C: Yeah, I'll look like a dork.

Cade didn't wear a t-shirt that day, or any other day.

On Saturday we first got into town and headed to Pensacola Beach and proceeded to drive into one of the worst messes we've ever been involved in. I guess the Blue Angels were having a show that afternoon over Pensacola Beach. If we had known that, we wouldn't have gone. I guess the 3 mile bridge that had traffic at a standstill that connects Pensacola to Pensacola Beach should've been a warning, but it didn't register with us. When we got about half way across the bridge it started raining. Not just any rain but a monsoon type rain. When we finally made it to the beach we were on a little island with about 300,000 other the rain. I guess at least one riot broke out that afternoon. There were sirens everywhere. Not exactly the welcome we had pictured when we planned this vacation.

The Blue Angels rescheduled their show for Sunday so we headed in the opposite direction. That's how we ended up in Alabama. The day was pretty uneventful. I will say that Alabama seems to have the best facilities at the beaches. The only downfall of the day was the jellyfish. There were a lot of them on Sunday. When we first got to the beach that day a little girl right beside up got stung. It put a damper on the beach for the rest of the day. Cade wouldn't go in past his ankles, which was fine with us. The last thing we needed was a 6 year old tangling with a jellyfish.

On Monday we traveled to Fort Walton and went to the Gulfarium. We got to see dolphins and sea lions perform. I find the sea lions to be more entertaining than the dolphins. They're very human like, which was amazing to me. That afternoon we went to the beach in Fort Walton. The water was very pretty, I know why they refer to it as "emerald" in their marketing brochures.

The Gulfarium

Fort Walton Beach

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Anonymous said...

I like the picture of Cade in seashell. That's a really cute one. I see he wore his "happy" shoes. The pictures of the beach looked really pretty (the white sand and water). I was surprised to see all the grass. My only experience with beaches is on TV and of course they wouldn't show that. It just sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I'm glad you're home.