Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blue Angels and Dolphin Crusie

On Tuesday we got to see the Blue Angles practicing. It was facinating. For someone who hates to fly, I can't imagine what it would be like to be flying that close to another plane. Cade loved it. When they were ready to land all the kids got to stand by the runway holding a flag. It was a neat experience for Cade. The only downfall was that we had to give the flag back. That would've been a great souvenier for Cade to have kept. After watching the Blue Angels we went to the Naval Aviation Museum. They had different planes and things from the different wars. The boys both loved this place and could've spent all day there. I, mostly because I'm a girl, wasn't quite as excited about looking at planes. To my untrained female eyes it was a bunch of planes in one building - to the boys it was a huge play place.

That evening we went on a Dolphin Crusie. I had posted earlier about being a little afraid of going on this. I don't like the feeling of being in the middle of a body of deep water. As soon as we got on the boat, my fears were calmed. The Captain said we'd only be in 4-8 feet of water for the whole trip. Once we got started I also realized I could see land on either side of me. I was set. Of course we couldn't find any dolphin's at first. The Captain drove and drove and drove. Finally he found one. That one lead us to some more so we were able to see some. I was afraid we wouldn't find any - but we did. I didn't get any pictures of it because they were too quick and they were all over the place. It was neat seeing 3 or 4 of them jumping together at one time. Cade made a friend on the crusie - her name was Elizabeth and she was from Texas. She also is 6. The two of them talked non-stop. It was really cute.

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