Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Avery

Today is Avery’s 2nd birthday. It’s hard to believe that she is already 2. We went to her birthday party Saturday night.

Here she was a year ago

Here she is now

When Charity was taking these pictures before the party she couldn’t keep Avery’s fingers out of the cake. We ended up eating cake with about 5 little finger marks in it. It was pretty sweet looking.

These are the shoes Cade gave her. She loved them, but I don't think her daddy was quite as thrilled with them. They are pretty loud on the laminate floors.

What's wrong with this picture? And he was embarrassed about carrying a present in a purple bag

This is the present from her mommy and daddy. Her cousin Kennedy is the other little girl in the background.

Some cute pictures of Avery and Cade together

and the cool girl the day after the party.

Happy Birthday Avery

my favorite niece!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I like the picture of Avery, Kennedy and Cade. In the picture it looks as though Avery and Kennedy are holding hands and Avery is turning the white truck into a magical coach with her magic wand. The picture of Avery and Cade in the sandbox is really cute. They both have such sweet expressions on their faces.
Since Crystal said, "Happy Birthday, Avery, my favorite niece, I guess it's ok for me to say, "Happy Birthy, Avery, my favorite granddaughter.