Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Valentines Box

Thanks for all the ideas for the box. Kristy, Leslie and Charity all had some good ideas that I'll have to remember for future use. Last night on the way home from work an idea finally came to me (one that I already had the stuff for) C fell asleep and he slept the whole time I was working on the box. I decided it wasn't worth waking him up to have him help because that would've been a miserable experience for all involved.

J dropped C off at school today and he said there were some neat boxes. I think he finally realized how serious of a business valentine boxes are. He said one looked like a John Deere tractor. We had briefly talked about trying to make one look like a Pirate Ship, but I don't think J was fully into that and it overwhelmed me so I let it go. J said we should've done a Pirate Ship, but one consolation was that the Tractor box threw a wheel. The kindergartner asked Jay to glue it back for him. J told him Mrs L was a better gluer than he was. Don't you know Mrs L probably lost her mind today with box fix-ups. J called once C got over to the high school and said there was a homemade blue ribbon on the box that said Most Lovliest. One down 6more to go.


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Kristy and Corey said...

Nothing says boy like a truck! Good're so crafty!! :)