Friday, February 15, 2008

Ice Storm

Here are some pictures from our latest ice storm this week. I don't know the official results, but I think it was close to being as thick as the one last January. The thing that saved us was that we had lost so many trees a year ago that the branches had been cleared away from the power lines. I can't remember from last year, but it also seems like the ice melted quicker with this last storm. It was completely gone by yesterday. I don't know how our landscaping will fare after this storm. It had taken a beating last year and it didn't look very good last summer. We also had a late freeze last spring so I don't know how much that had to do with the sad shape of our shrubs. My Rose of Sharon's were completely laid over again. We'll see what happens this spring.

You could hear the branches breaking everytime we walked by this shrub. It was kinds of like grass breaking.

This was looking across the road at our neighbor's house

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Anonymous said...

I am so sick of seeing ice and snow and having cold weather. I just need some sunny 80 degree days. I don't remember in my life having so much ice in the winters as we have had the last two. The last Saturday in November / first Sunday in December when you and Charity were little we had a bad ice storm and didn't have church. Helen, LaVerne, Geoff, Grammy and Granddad were in Wichita for Thanksgiving and didn't get home until the Tuesday or Wednesday. I don't remember what year it was, but I do remember that on Saturday we had gotten Charity some new black patten shoes and she was mad that there wasn't church, so since we were going to Mamma and Pampa's to decorate their Christmas tree she wore her shoes and a little black and white dress that had been yours.