Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wrong Toy

C got the wrong toy from yesterday's Happy Meal. He showed me his toy when I got home last night. I made a big deal over it, telling him how cool it looked. He gave me one of his looks where he thinks I'm the dumbest thing on the planet and informed me that he had gotten one of the bad guys. Luckily I had to go unload my car so I was able to make a quick exit before he had a chance to tell me anything else. This morning he said that he really wanted to get another black one. I have a feeling J & C are going to be eating a lot of Happy Meals over Christmas break.

More evidence that C is becoming like me - Tuesday night during the toy fiasco he said that next year for Christmas he was going to ask Santa for Bionicle toys. We told him to slow down, we haven't even gotten through this Christmas yet. Isn't that just like me - it's never to early to plan ahead!

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