Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Compliment from Santa

We took C to see Santa Saturday afternoon. We had to wait in line for over an hour to talk to him. C and I left J standing in line and we went to pick out a gift for C to give J. C had an idea of getting his dad Razorback socks, but we couldn't find any. Since we couldn't find those he then wanted to get J a toy race car. I was able to talk him out of that and we finally settled on something that I think J will like. It's interesting taking a 5 year old boy shopping for a Christmas present. Somehow C doesn't quite understand that not everyone has toys on their Christmas List. When we made it back to the Santa line I waited for awhile to give J a break. He needed it because we were in line in front of the most annoying couple in the world. That is always our luck. I know that sounds mean, but if you all could've seen this couple you'd understand. Especially considering we spent over an hour beside them.

When we finally got up to see Santa C stood beside him and they talked for a little while before C got on his lap. I couldn't hear everything they were talking about so who knows what C told him. Then C got on his lap and got their picture then C told him he wanted a Pirate Ship. Santa said "Thank goodness, that's something I can build, I was afraid you wanted a Wii or something." They talked for a little longer and then Santa asked C if he could have a hug. As Santa was hugging him he told C that he was very impressed with him. I realize that Santa's not real, but I have to admit it was nice to have Santa compliment our boy. We've tried to raise him the best way that we know how and I'm never sure how he comes across to others. I know he has his moments, like every child, but for the most part I do think he's pretty good. I'm glad Santa was impressed because I feel that if anyone is qualified to be an expert on child behavior it's a mall Santa.

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Anonymous said...

I always knew that Cade was a very special little boy. He was and always will be the light of so many people's lives. He is a sweet little guy that is changing and growing up so quickly. Mall Santa's probably really are a very good judge of charcter.