Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Our Anniversary

December 18, 1999 - The day of the wedding was relatively calm for me (I'm sure mom and dad think differently). After a beautiful candlelit ceremony we drove to KC. The next day we flew to San Antonio for a week long honeymoon. It was a nice, relaxing time.....

Fast forward 8 years later and we and C's groupies (his grandparents) are sitting in the school gym for C's first school program. This program did answer some questions I had been pondering since becoming a mother - Will the bleachers be any more comfortable if I'm watching my child perform? The answer was NO. It seemed to be a really long program, but it was cute watching C. The two kids beside him were acting terrible, but he stood there just perfectly. We were really proud of him. After the program C, us and his groupies went out to eat. We had a nice time. On the way home we were telling C about our wedding day. It was a nice family moment, the evening had gone smoothly...almost too smoothly.

We pulled in the garage and I got out and opened C's door. He wouldn't get out of the car. He was looking for the hand to a stupid toy he'd gotten out of a Happy Meal that day. It was a black Bionicle toy. I'm not even sure what it was supposed to be, but C was thrilled with it. We were tired and cold so we went in the house and thought C would come in on his own shortly. I piddled around for awhile and then I walked back into the kitchen and saw that the door to the garage was open. I went to close it and saw that C was still in the car. I shut the door and told J. We each tried to get the other one to go out and get him, I finally ended up braving it. He was in the back seat of the car just distraught because he couldn't find a piece to this toy that's probably worth about 50 cents. I helped him look and it was no where to be found. I went back in the house to send J out. Eight years ago I saw J wearing a tux standing at the end of the aisle. Last night I saw him wearing a t-shirt, boxer briefs, white socks and his Razorback slippers while he was trying to drag his boy out of the car. There was all kinds of crying and carrying on last night about this toy. C wanted to drive back to the restaurant last night to find the missing part. I told him that J would take him to McDonalds this afternoon and get another toy. That's how we finally got him in the house, but that created a whole other problem. Then he was worried about which one he would get today. While we were reading to him he kept going on and on about which one he would get today. He was definitely showing symptoms of OCD about this toy. J and I were laughing so hard on the inside about this because he was so distraught.

This morning I thought that maybe he would've have forgotten about it....Not a chance. I opened up the shower to help him out and he said "I think it would be best if I got another black one". He went on and on the rest of the morning about which one he wanted (at this point I "reminded" J this was his fault - when I told him to give C a snack yesterday I didn't mean take him to McDonalds) Then while I had started typing out this post he dug the Happy Meal box out of the trash and shoved it in my face to show me which one he didn't want. Eight years ago at this moment I was on a plane flying to San Antonio - today I've got a Happy Meal box with a partially eaten hamburger stuck in my face.....but I wouldn't trade today for anything in the world.

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Leslie said...

What a nice post - sorry I missed sending you an anniversary card. Things have been a little stressful around here lately. . . Surgery went well (I think). Still just lying around like a slup and making Morgan wait on me hand and foot!