Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No News on the Home Study Yet...

I know that our agency has the home study, because we got the bill for it, but we haven't heard anything yet. Our old social worker, Danielle, left at the end of August so our new social worker is Ivy. I finally e-mailed Ivy yesterday to find out the status of the home study and the person who will review it has been out for a few days. She will be back in the office tomorrow so we should know something by the end of this week or the first of next week. I'm ready to get that approved and get our family profiles done. I've been working on the big profile, but since I'm a perfectionist, it is going a little slow. Trying to think of the right words and find the right pictures to use has been very challenging. It's hard because when it comes down to it we're trying to market ourselves as people, ourselves as parents and our family. We're trying to find pictures that say "really, you can trust us with your child, we haven't done too much damage to the one we already have...." along with putting it with a wording that sounds open and honest. I'm having a hard time trying to convey onto paper what we feel about adoption. Then it doesn't help when I think I'm done with a page, but then the next day I think of something that would make it even better so I end of messing with the same page again. I'm getting closer to having it done to where we can print it out, but then more editing will take place. I can't ever leave anything alone, there will still always be a way to make it better. Think about your own life and all the things you've experienced and then try to fit it into a few pages along with a few pictures to have someone look at and judge you by what they read and see. I also try not to think about this very often, but think of all the people who have read our home study and know what someone else feels about us people and as parents. It's one thing to have performance reviews at a job, but it's a totally different thing to have one of your life. There is a line from the paperwork the agency sent for the profile that says to relax, God already knows the your match. I keep remembering this line, because it's true. No matter what the profile looks like, there will be someone out there eventually who will like us and God already knows how the whole plan will unfold. This profile will be a neat thing to give to our baby along with the rest of the stuff in the adoption notebook to show them how much we wanted them. But then I feel bad for C, because he doesn't have a notebook. Surprises don't generally come with notebooks and family profiles.

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