Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sub Driving Update

WJay had to sub drive again Tuesday evening. It was the same route. Here is an update...

The tattletale girl was still a tattletale. He said she barely got by him before she was back up and talking right into his right ear. He yelled "I got it, I got it now sit down". 

He had to pull out all the tricks that bus drivers use when things are getting out of control...he had to stop the bus. I'd say there were very few times when Neil stopped my bus that the kids didn't turn around and shut up. But that didn't happen for Jay. There were 5 seats of girls who didn't get the hint. Tattletale was one of them. Jay said he stood up and in his words "roared at them."  He demonstrated it for me. I would've been bawling if I had been an elementary kid. He definitely is sounding more and more like his Granddad!  

And to take you back to your school days of riding the bus. Jay said there must be a kid who poops his pants every day...actually poop wasn't the word he used but I try to keep it G rated here most of the time. Anyway, he said someone farts every time he drives this route-morning and night. And it is the exact same smelling fart every time. He said if he knew who it was and had to take attendance he wouldn't have to call the kids name. He could just smell that he was there. 

Then I asked about the girl with the herniated disc. Yup, she is still wearing a neck brace. 

I can't sleep so I'm typing this at 2am. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying remembering how Jay told the fart story. I just woke him up from my laughing. He said "some little kid is hitting the pot the minute they walk in the door."  Maybe it is the tired dilerium setting in but I can't quit laughing. 

He just told me another story. So before the bus left school one of the teachers brought Jay some as he called it "mini coats". She told Jay that those kids didn't ride the bus in the evenings and he needed to give the coats to the kids neighbor. Jay said "how am I supposed to do that I don't know who the neighbor is?" "I'm just trying to get them home."  The teacher giggled and said "do the best you can."  Well Tattletale was good for something. He said she is the most aware kid he's ever seen. She saw the coats and said "I'm supposed to take those home for my neighbors."

With all of the stuff going on in the world it is easy to get depressed and think that things are going down the toilet. It is somewhat refreshing to realize that some things really don't change. Every bus still has the tattletale and the farter. 

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