Monday, September 15, 2014

A Day in the Life

I've read some blogs that go through a day in their lives.  I'm sure their lives are oodles more interesting then mine, but I thought I would try it for a post.  So welcome to my day last Friday....
The alarm went off at 4:53 am.  I hit snooze once and actually got out of bed at 5:00 am  I was greeted with laundry that needed to be switched out and a load of jeans to fold.

Then I made coffee.  This is the only quiet time he and I have together.  It is usually a mixture of us reading our Bibles, watching FOX news and talking about little things that we either forget about in the chaos of our evenings or are too busy to talk about.  Those are also pictures of our coffee mugs.  I've said it before, but I LOVE my Fiesta dishes.  Actually I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have Fiesta dishes.  Don't you get bored staring at the same plate every night???? 

Then I checked on this little thing on my way to the shower around 6am

This is a blog first....a selfie.  I'm not sure how people do it and look good because I was standing in all sorts of weird angles.  Jay started to come in our room so I snapped this one in a hurry.  Even after 15 years of marriage there are still a few things that are too embarrassing to explain.  A selfie is one of them.  But the whole point of the selfie was the new jeans.  The first day you wear a new pair of jeans is so much fun!!!  Of course the 7 year old cardigan kind of offsets the new jeans.  But I never get rid of my cardigans.  They are a wardrobe staple people!!!   The jeans are Old Navy boyfriend jeans which have a story within themselves.  I bought a pair in the store but then found another pair on their site which were $6 cheaper.  So I ordered them along with $50 worth of stuff so I wouldn't have to pay shipping.  Now I have a stack of stuff to return along with the original pair of jeans.  So did I really save $6 by the time I drive to the mall and return it all???   But Boyfriend jeans are the hot fall item!
Then taking a picture, which proves I will NEVER be a fashion blogger I folded yet another load of jeans.
I wanted to get to work early Friday so Jay agreed to take Camryn.  She was not into pictures that morning.  She is holding a bear that belongs to her sitter's girls.  They let Camryn "babysit" it for the night.  She took very good care of Candy Cane a/k/a Kit (what Camryn named it) 

I pulled out of the driveway and within 10 seconds my low tire light came on.   I pulled over to make sure they weren't flat.  Then I dropped one of the valve covers as a neighbor pulled up.  I had to move the van and we were both staring at the chipped and sealed road searching for the cover. 

Finally found the cover.  Jay met me at a gas station and we traded vehicles because we knew we needed to have the tire looked at.  This has happened a few times over the last few weeks.  I took a quick picture of the boys since I knew I wouldn't see them until late.  They went to the PBR bull riding in Springfield after school.  They both look thrilled with the car change.  When I took Jay's picture he asked me why and then rolled his eye's when I told him what it was for. 

My normal route to work is under repair so I had to detour.  Actually the entire bridge was imploded.  This new route is slowing me down!!!

Finally I pulled into the office at 7:55 am.  So much for getting there by 7:30.

This is my desk when I walked in.  That was why I wanted to get to work early.  Didn't happen.

After work I picked up Camryn, picked up a prescription and then took her to McDonald's.  Yup, I'm one of those mom's.  Then we went to the church.  She played while I started on the fall decorations.  Then she had an accident so I got to clean up that times, fun times.....

We got home about 7:30 and I was worn out!!!  Camryn was not.  I piddled around the house - did another load or two of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, ran the vacuum, etc.  Finally at 9:00 I decided I was done and sat down to watch a Dateline that had caught my eye.  Camryn played around in this interesting getup.  I put her to bed at 9:30.  I read in bed until 10:30 and then fell asleep. You can see the cover of the book in the picture below.  If you like murder/mystery books you should read one of her books.  I disovered her a few weeks ago and I am loving the two books I've read so far.   They boys got home at almost midnight.  I woke up briefly and then went right back to sleep.  And the alarm went off at the same time Saturday morning to start the same routine all over.  It may not be very exciting, but that is OK with me!!!  I wouldn't trade these ordinary days for anything!!! 

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I cant believe you get up so early. I would DIE! You go girl!