Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another Chapter in the Bus Driving Chronicles

Jay had to sub drive a bus yesterday.  I’ve said this a million times but I’m not sure the whole thing is worth what he gets paid.  At least there is usually a good story that goes along with it.

It started with him leaving the school and then realizing he had 1/8th of a tank of gas.  He told all the kids to not dawdle getting off the bus.  He was running on fumes.  Then there was a girl that Jay thought,  by looking at her, would be the one who could tell him where he needed to go.  Instead she turned out to be a huge tattle tale and drove him crazy.  There was a boy playing with one of those cut in half balls that you turn inside out and then they flip.  Jay said the boy was just playing with it and not bothering anyone.  The girl confiscated it and brought it to Jay.  That caused Jay to raise his voice a little and say “what are you doing?  Why did you take it from him?  Give it back and sit down!”  Imagine Jay’s voice saying that…..

Then he got to his last stop and it was two little girls.  He showed me what he thought their height was so I knew they had to have been K &1st grade. 
Jay: what does your house look like
Girl:  There will be a red and black car out front
Jay: But what does the house look like
Girl: There will be a red and black car out front
(a few minutes pass)
Jay:  So what does your house look like
Girl: (pointing out the window) There is goes….My parents aren’t home

So Jay has to back the bus up, remember he’s running on fumes.  The girl kept saying “my parents aren’t home.”  Jay noticed a white car parked close to the house so he kept saying “are they picking you up?”  The girl kept saying “my parents aren’t home.”  Finally one of the girls noticed the white car and said “oh yeah, they are picking us up today.” I’m sure it took every ounce of self-control for him not to yell at them to get off the bus!

Another story about the girls.  One of them was wearing a neck brace.
Jay:  Why are you wearing a neck brace
Girl:  I have a herniated disc
Jay: How in the world does someone your age get a herniated disc
Girl:  Jumping

And another bus story.  We all went in to the school last night  to get Cade.  He had a great time and managed to stay with the group.  He was also full of funny stories from the trip. 
Cade:  I got to ride in the back of the bus today
Jay:  How was that?  It’s pretty bumpy back there
Cade:  Yeah, it didn’t feel as grown up as I thought it would

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