Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back by popular demand.....

It was funny - Friday I got two seperate requests to update the blog.  I had already been planning to try to start updating it more, but that helped me to finish up a few old posts I had hanging around.  I really love to write on this blog and I had been missing it a lot.  It is somewhat of a stress reliever for me.  And I love having a record of the little things that happen around our house that otherwise I would completely forget about. 

But this summer that pesky thing called "having a job" got in my way.  I don't want to complain because being busy at work is usually a good thing.  There are lots of people who's jobs are stressful because they are worried they won't have one.  So I always hate to complain when I'm feeling overwhelmed because we are so busy, but that was the case this summer.  I don't even know how to describe what I been through at work since the end of April...except saying that I was close to a nervous breakdown with everything would be close.  There were days I was tempted to put my head down on my desk and cry.  In all my years of working here I've never had it the way it has been the last few months.  I don't have time to finish any single thought, file, sentence, etc. completely.  It has been pretty hellish. 

Then when things get out of control in one area of my life chaos seems to follow in the other areas.  I've also been forgetting things from the stress.  I've missed hair appointments, forgot to pay our electric bill (I remembered the day after it was due) and many, many other things.  Probably the worst thing was the safety deposit box incident.  We've had a safety deposit box at the bank in Miller for several years.  It was set up to automatically come out of Jay's Icebox account every July.  Last fall we closed that account and opened up a different checking account.  In July we got a letter from the bank saying that the account that normally paid for the box was closed and we needed to send in a check.  No big deal.  I wrote out the check and addressed the envelope and put it with my other stuff to take to work.  Then a few weeks ago we got a certified letter from the bank saying they still needed their money and if they didn't get it they would hold all of our contents for five years, etc.  I had forgot to mail the check...So Jay took care of it. 

I keep hoping things are going to get better and I will quit forgetting things, but I'm not sure.  I'm also hoping I can reign in this chaos a little because it is making me crazy!!!!  But I've also noticed that the crazy at work has kept me from being quite so angry in other areas.  This is probably the first time in years I haven't felt the need for a letter writing campaign at the start of school. 

Thanks for letting me get all that out.  Now read below for the recap of the fun trip Jay and I got to take.  Alone!!! 

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