Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vegas Vacation

On June 30th Jay and I flew to Vegas. As crazy as things are with Cade's showing schedule we couldn't fit in a family vacation very easily.  Since Cade went to DC with Jay earlier and Camryn could care less we didn't feel bad taking a trip by ourselves. Our 15th Anniversary is this December so we decided to celebrate a little early. This was the first time we've taken a trip like this for fun since we got married. We did have the trip to Pigeon Forge/Knoxville 4 years ago but I don't count that. Anytime your husband is giving you a shot in your butt twice a day it really shouldn't be considered a vacation. 

We stayed at the Monte Carlo. I enjoyed it and would stay there again. It wasn't nearly as fancy as the higher priced ones but it was clean and nice. I would recommend it. 

This was Jay the first day at the Flamingo habitat. He looks thrilled. I think it was about 112 degrees at that moment. I'm being serious about that temp. We flew to Vegas while they were having a heat wave. Imagine that...

My favorite part of the trip was Fremont Street. I loved the lights...and if I'm being completely honest the $.99 Margaritas we stumbled on to.
Apparently Coke has a new thing where they are putting names on their bottles. Jay ran across this one at a souvenir shop.  (I did start this post a few months ago so the name on the Coke bottles is old news by now).  And a side story.  See the little purse I was carrying?  Only my phone would fit in it.  There was no way my wallet would fit so I had some little baggies that I used to contain my DL, credit card and some cash.  I thought that if I had it contained in one place the chances of me loosing it wouldn't be as high.  And I wasn't going to let Jay carry it in his wallet because 1.  what if we got separated and 2.  what if I saw a margarita deal???  The night we went to Fremont street we found a cheap buffet which was pretty neat. It was set up with those old round booths....like the old Vegas you've seen in the movies.  When we were leaving I got my baggie out of my purse to leave a tip.  Jay looked horrified and asked if anyone saw me do that.  I thought he was talking about our first day in Vegas where he saw some young girl counting out close to $1000 in cash at a table in the food court of our hotel.  It disturbed Jay a lot.  I figured that was what he was worried about so I said "I've only got like $50 in here."  He shook his head and acted like he didn't have a clue what I was talking about.  He said "Are we at White Water?  Why do you have money in a baggie?  That is embarassing."  So there you have it.  I thought he was worried about my safety.  Instead he was just horrified. 

My trip to Vegas would not have been complete without an Elvis impersonator.  Jay wasn't quite as impressed with the crowd singing Viva Las Vegas as I was though.

The Forum shops at Ceasers Palace. 

This is a picture of Jay being Jay. That boy kept invading Jay's personal space to take videos of the Mirage Volcano on his iPad. Jay wanted me to capture the moment. Jay made sure he had lots if oohs and aha's for the boys video. 

While Jay had that boy breathing down his neck I had problems of my own. A man taking pictures of the volcano kept resting his elbow on my shoulder. I really don't remember much about the actual volcano.  We were giggling too much about the people around us.  That's pretty typical of our trips together. 

We spent 3 days in Vegas. That was a good amount of time. We got away and had some down time. Jay went on a tour of the Pawn Stars shop one day and I stayed at the pool. It was a win-win situation for both us.  I didn't care enough about Pawn Stars to fork out the money for the tour and Jay isn't a pool person.  I told one person that and they were shocked that we split up for a few hours.  Maybe I'm the weird one but I think Jay and I each enjoyed doing our own thing for awhile.

We flew home July 3rd so we were back for the 4th. It was a fun little get away and some much needed time away from work for me. Then we were back in time to make the showing rounds in July....

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