Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We bought a van. Eek!!

We finally did it last night. We bought a van. A Chrysler Town and Country to be exact. I look at it and think "oh my I drive a van" but when I get in it and we aren't all touching I love it. When your dream car goes from being a Mustang to a van you know you've reached that point in life where comfort overrides looking cool. Much like using a seat cushion at a ballgame. I haven't crossed that line yet but I do see it in my near future. Especially when I think in 9 years I will just be starting to sit on the same hard bleachers all over again. 

I had a small moment last night after we got home where I might have had a mini hyperventilation moment. Not only did we buy a van we now have a car payment again. Breathe, breathe...Dave Ramsey would tell us we were dumb. Of course though if he had to crawl in on his knees to put an unruly toddler in her seat time after time he might see where we are
coming from. 

You might wonder why a van. If money were no object Jay would buy the biggest Suburban he could find. Since money is an issue that obviously couldn't happen. Since I'm going back to driving again in a few months we couldn't do a SUV's gas mileage. We looked at some of the crossovers...we sat in a Dodge Journey for about 3 seconds and decided we couldn't do it. The van was essentially the same price as the crossovers so we went with more room. So friends that is how we ended up with a van.

 What made me decide on this particular van was a vision I believe was sent directly from God (seriously!). We found this one in Springfield and it was black with black interior. I found some online Saturday night that all had light camel interior. We were thinking about looking at those. While I was waiting for church Sunday morning I had a flashback to our churches New Years Eve 2011 party. You know the one where an entire pot of chili tipped over in the floorboard of the car. After church I told Jay that the black interior was the only thing that would work for us. 

It dawned on me last night while we were doing the paperwork that if I drive this as long as my car (praying for a few years longer!!) Cade will be grown. Jay told me to shut up and that he wasn't talking to me anymore. 

Poor Cade was a trooper. He had to watch Camryn for about 2 hours while we did everything. When we were filling out the paperwork Camryn kept running across the showroom to the office we were in. I'm sure the entire place was ready to see us go. She also refused to wear her shoes. I don't know what the problem is with these particular sandals but she won't keep them on. We didn't fight it. Her feet were black by the end of the night. So to recap...we had a running, screaming toddler with feet as black as the asphalt outside trying to be controlled by a stressed out 11 year old. Cade said he deserved something big by the time we were done. We told him he did get something big...a van!!!

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Anonymous said...

We loved both of our Chrysler vans. They just both crapped out right after we had each paid off. Not able to put high mileage on them. Hope yours lasts better. They are spacious.