Thursday, June 6, 2013

Camryn's Birthday-The rest of the pictures

We had a "Hot Diggity Dog Bar" for the meal.  Of course Jay had to grill the dogs in his mouse ears.

I bought whistles to put in the kid's treat bags and of course I got Camryn one to.  Apparatnly not everyone thought the whistles were as funny as I did.  Camryn loved blowing on hers.  She'd put her whole body into it.  It made me laugh. 

We got Camryn the rocking horse.  She rode it for about 30 seconds and now she is terrified of it.  She will pet it and talk to it and about it but she will not sit on it. 
I love watching Jay assemble all of these pink and purple girly toys.
After we were done I was holding Camryn and she looked at this present mess and said "I want to see Santa."  That girl doesn't forget anything.  That's how our floor looked Christmas morning.
These last two were some of my favorites from that day.

I am so grateful for the chance to celebrate birthdays.  It was another great party and I'm so glad our families could be there to celebrate with us. 

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Great job mamma!