Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Disposing of Chickens

For anyone who doesn't know us this post will sound like we are the most backwoods people you would ever meet. For those who know us, Jay in particular, you'll understand how this is just another day in the life....

Jay and Cade are raising 20+ chickens for the Gold Buckle Gala at the Ozark Empire Fair in a few weeks. Normally we raise them in the spring for our county fair which means it is cooler. We don't loose many chickens. This time has even different because it is hotter and these over fed chickens can't handle it. Two have died in the last two days of a heart attack. 

Dead chickens mean we have a dilemma.  What do we do with them. If we throw them in our woods Charlie and Rocky (our neighbors dog who spends more time at our house) will get a
taste for chicken. That would be disastrous for Jay and Cade's project. 

When the first one died yesterday Jay pulverized it with his gun. He wanted to see what these hollow point bullets would do. Problem solved. Then there was another dead one they decided to dump it somewhere else.

Cade loaded up in the back of the truck with the dead chicken. Jay told him that he'd yell at him when it was time to throw the chicken out. Jay went a few feet and realized Cade was standing so he yelled at him to sit down. Cade threw the chicken out... They hadn't made it out of our yard yet.

Cade got the chicken again and they headed down the road. Jay looked in his mirror and Cade's arm was sticking straight out of the truck, holding the chicken by the legs as they were driving down the road. Cade doesn't understand covert operations yet. They dumped the chicken and then headed back to the house. As soon as they got back to the house Jay got concerned about where he left it. He was afraid it might have been in a neighbors walking path. Also, it wouldn't take much thinking to figure out who was  responsible. So they went back and picked up the poor chicken again. Jay then drove to a more secluded spot and got rid of it. 

I didn't know any of this was going on. I was in the house with Camryn wondering what in the world was taking them so long to feed. I never dreamed they were tossing a dead chicken from the back of the truck. I asked Jay if that was what we were coming chickening. 

There is never a dull moment here. 

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Jay said...

Actually it was the same dead chicken, I just forgot to dispose of it after shot it. Sorry for not telling you we were chickening, it was after all supposed to be a covert operation.