Thursday, June 6, 2013

Camryn's Party-The Decorations.....

I've got so many pictures from Camryn's party that I've had to break them into three different posts.  The first one is the decorations.  I always love parties, but doing a Mickey/Minnie themed party was really fun and easy.  All you need are two different sized circles and an imagination and the possibilities are endless!

I will confess that the placemat idea came from Pinterest.  I used black wrapping paper, a dinner plate and a coaster to make them. 

The Mickey wreath with the 2 was one of my favorites.  I actually used the 2 in her 2 year old pictures.  She was upset when she saw it on the wreath because it was "stuck" and it was her 2. 
Doing the cake table is my favorite thing.  As usual Janella did a wonderful job on the cake.  This one ranks up there as one of my favorites that she's ever done for us. 

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