Sunday, June 30, 2013

Generation Gap

I've been feeling the generation gap at work this past week.  We have a couple of young employee' right out of college.... that the difference in our ages is so obvious right now.  Actually on Friday I thought I might pull my hair out. 

I was trying to work with a new loan officer trainee Friday and I wanted to scream.  This has definitely been a learning experience for me because I look at him and think to do I make sure my kids don't act like this at their first job.  When I first started at FCS 12 years ago I would never had said or done some of the things that was said and done on Friday.  I was trying to explain the concept of treating customers the way you want to be treated and just because you might be able to get away with charging a fee doesn't mean it is always the right thing to do.  Completely went over his head.  Still wanted to argue with me about why I wasn't charging a fee for a loan renewal.  I had to get an edge to my voice and tell him because we hadn't in the past and I wasn't going to now.  He dropped it with me but then told another employee later that when He is the one doing the loans He will charge a fee.  Grrr. 

The icing on the cake though was when Pam, our front desk person was at lunch.  I was on the phone with an employee in another office trying to walk her though the steps for a particular loan she was getting ready.  I knew the customer was there, but they were going to have to wait.  The new employee stood at my office door and waved the customers check at me.  HE WAVED A PIECE OF PAPER AT ME!!!!  It is a good thing that my door way isn't within reach of my desk because he might not have left my office with an arm. 

Another thing that was said was in reference to a plant in our office.  Yes, it is big, it is ugly and it has been there since the beginning of time.  Pam waters and cares for it every Friday.  This new employee announced to Pam that the plant would not be going to Joplin.  Seriously.....what makes someone think when they are new someplace they can make a declaration like that?  What in the world has happened to respect?  What has happened to young people starting a job knowing they are the low man and they have to work and earn the right to make comments like that? 

Jay has been dealing with a similar situation this weekend due to some first year teachers.  They would all be about the same age and again they have no respect for others.  That has started to be an ongoing problem the last few years with Jay and his student teachers.  Last years student teacher made a comment to Jay during contest season that was unbelievable.  Of course Jay and Lyle handled it by throwing him to the wolves (the Freshmen class) to put him in his place.  I don't really have an option like that and it is harder when you are a woman dealing with a slightly cocky man. 

So I'm trying to turn this into a learning opportunity for myself as a parent.  I will not have my son starting a job and treating anyone the way Jay and I have seen these young adults treat their co-workers.  I know there are plenty of young kids who don't act like this.....and I'm also looking to those parents as examples.  It isn't easy, but I am determined that no one will ever want to scream at Cade for the things I wanted to scream about on Friday.  He is going to know better. 

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