Monday, June 24, 2013

Kids and Church

Taking your kids to church (and making sure they have a personal relationship with God) is the most important thing we need to do as parents. I’m not sure why so many people don’t feel that responsibility anymore. You have this little mind that is 100% YOUR responsibility to help shape it in the right direction. How can you not take your kids to church? It is so important…..and I will also admit it is also one of the most exhausting things I do as a parent.

I usually leave church looking and feeling like I ran a marathon. Yesterday’s experience was especially trying. Camryn got away from us during the singing and made it all the way to the piano bench. When I got to her she screamed all the way back to our pew that she wanted to “play the plano.” Part of me was tempted to let her do it. We were minus our piano player yesterday and her playing while we sang wouldn’t have sounded any worse than we already did. I gave her two peanut butter crackers to get her to be quiet. She took a bite out of each of them and then ran both down the front of my dress. I had peanut butter tracks right down the middle of my chest. Then she shoved both crackers in her mouth and tried to talk to me during the prayer time (mouth full). Then right after that we moved into the communion mediation and she spit out her mouthful of crackers onto the floor. I spent the meditation picking up soggy crackers so the guys wouldn’t track through them during communion.

So I completely understand taking your child to church is hard. But even as worn out, sweaty and dirty I am after church I know why I do it. Our church right now is on the decline. We can’t seem to get any new families with kids to make a commitment. It makes me sad. I’m sad for our church, but I’m sad for these families who don’t feel the same responsibility that we do. I’m sad that those parents don’t feel the need to pass on how great a relationship with God is to their kids. And it concerns me…..are we raising a whole new generation that won’t know Christ? What can we do to fix it? Jay and I are at a loss with what to do at church right now. Cade was completely heartbroken yesterday because our Youth Minister is gone, his best friend has moved and another friend has quit coming. Any ideas of what has maybe worked at your church??

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