Wednesday, May 2, 2012

When I spoke too soon....

I had mentioned a few posts ago about Jay’s bacterial infection in his eyes. What is funny about that infection is that the day he came down with it I was talking to my sister about eye infections. I told her that out of everything we’ve ever had, and believe me we’ve had a lot of strange things, we’ve never had eye problems in our house. After I got off the phone with Charity Jay called me from the school and said he had some goop in his eyes. Then later in the evening he said it felt like something was stuck in his eyes. Here is a little tidbit on me. If you tell me something and I don’t seem to respond appropriately to what you told me please don’t be concerned. Usually I have to let things sink in awhile. My mind will catch up to what you told me in a day or two. Sometimes I wonder if I’m going through early menopause or something. Anyway, none of what Jay told me really registered until we tucked Cade in to bed that night. I looked at Jay across Cade’s bed…YIKES!! His eyes were fire red. I suggested he get himself to a doctor quickly the next day, which he agreed to do. He went to his eye doctor and he said Jay wasn’t too contagious. I thought that was crazy talk. Anything I’ve ever heard about eye infections is that they are very contagious. I decided not to worry about it though because Jay was leaving for State Convention. He’d only be infecting the entire state of Missouri, but not us!

This past Sunday evening Camryn was extremely cranky. She’s been a little on edge anyway the last two weeks because she’s cutting a molar, but that was worse than normal. I had a feeling she was getting sick. Monday morning she woke up with her eyes matted shut. Poor baby! I took her to the doctor that afternoon and she also had an eye infection. I asked the doctor if this was contagious and he said that it was very contagious. See, Jay’s eye doctor was crazy!!! I’m not sure though that Camryn’s came from Jay because there were 2 weeks between them, but who knows. I asked the doctor if I started getting it could I call him. He just went ahead and wrote me a prescription just in case (as Camryn was rubbing her face all over mine).

Camryn’s been on the drops for 24 hours and her eyes looks much better and her mood has been wonderful. I noticed Monday the molar had popped through so life has been considerably better the last two nights. My eyes though are now burning and watering. I don’t have a mirror in my office and I’m almost scared to leave for fear I look like Alice Cooper. Hopefully it’s just dry eyes…..

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