Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cade, Camryn & Ducks

I don't think I've told a Cade story in awhile.  Most of his stuff happens so fast that I can't remember it later.  It really irritates me because I could probably write a book on everything that flows out of his mouth.  Friday night was Jay's FFA Banquet.  I barely had the car in park before Cade was begging to go inside.  Apparently I'm too slow now that I have to get Camryn and the diaper bag out of the car.  I told him to go ahead and I didn't see him until it was time to leave.  I'm not even sure he ate.  I take that back, I did see him once because the student teachers called him up front during the banquet and gave him a gift....a new Razorback T-shirt.  Cade put the new shirt on over his dress shirt.    After the banquet one of the dad's, I'll call him G,  came up and asked if I knew where my son was at.  I told him I didn't have a clue.  G said he'd looked all over for him and couldn't find him so he asked  me to give Cade this message and to make sure I told him it was from G....tell him that cowboys are worth something all the time but a hog is only worth something when it is dead. Seeing that G was wearing a OSU hat I figured that had something to do with it. G told me that when he walked in the door Cade went up to him and told him he needed to dispose of his hat. 

We've all had a good laugh over the story, but Cade hasn't laughed yet.  He gets quite defensive about it.  There is no joking when it comes to Arkansas.  Another dad, who I guess actually played for Tennessee said something to him about being a Hog fan after the banquet.  I wasn't close enough to hear, but I was close enough to see.  I saw a look of absolute disgust come over Cade's face and I started sweating.  I was so scared of what Cade was saying and where the conversation might lead.  Thankfully it didn't come down to a fight, but don't think that Cade wouldn't have fought him.  Cade teases Camryn frequently and Jay can't stand it.  I've told him that a little teasing never hurt anyone (as long as it's not mean spirited). It's good so people won't take themselves quite as seriously.....I think Cade might need a little more of it. On the way home that night I asked Cade about what he was taking to the Tennessee guy about.  Cade said he just has to mouth other college teams.  Probably time for him to learn to take what he dishes out.      

In Camryn news.....I can't say that she is 100% walking but she is very very close.  Last night, at home, she took 5 steps in a row.  When we went to Cade's baseball practice last night she walked all over the concrete slab.  I predict that by the end of baseball season I will be exhausted because she will be running!  Jay conveniently texted the coach last night to say he would help in the dug out during the games....
Watching her walk though was somewhat surreal.  A year ago we didn't even know about Camryn, now here she is walking.  Can't time slow down just a tiny bit????

When I picked Camryn up yesterday afternoon we took a walk around the local pond.  She had her first duck sighting and loved it.  The first time was ok, the 2nd time around she cried when we moved away from them.  I finally had to take her out of the stroller and carry her.  I got a little more of a workout than I had anticipated.  This girl loves animals. 

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