Monday, May 21, 2012

A Great Day

Saturday was the one year anniversary of our Match Day.  We didn't actually celebrate it, we just had a good day.  I went to Sheldon Friday night.  I had to get the lamb cake pan from Aunt Helen for Camryn's party.  I'll post more about that later.  I'm not sure how old it is but at least a 60ish???? year old cake pan that is a Fowler grandkid tradition.  Every one has a lambie cake at their 1st Birthday.  You can't eat it, you just have it for pictures.  I'm sure I'll be up all Saturday night making it.  So anyway, I had to get it and I wanted to see Leslie and Josie and see my dad.  All three tasks were accomplished.  Cade was supposed to go with us, but the social life of a 10 year old is pretty active.  He got invited to a birthday party Saturday afternoon and then had baseball pictures Saturday morning.  He stayed with Jay so Camryn and I had a girls weekend. 
Saturday morning I realized that Camryn hasn't played with any of her dolls for awhile.  I found an old one of Charity's....she was less than impressed with it.  Actually I think it scared her a little.  Then we went to buy new shoes and eat Mexican with Papa Kerry.  Camryn actually ate quite a bit.

After lunch we visited with Leslie and Josie.  Two girls 6 weeks apart aren't easy to photograph.  They really could've cared less about each other, but Leslie and I had a good time catching up.  One of these days they will love to play together.  They are still too young to do that now. 


After we left Josie we played at Papa Kerry's for awhile.  Camryn got her first ride on a tractor.....

Chased one of his cat's.....

Finally with Papa's help she got to pet it.  This girl loves animals.  She doesn't pay any attention to the TV unless it is a pet commercial.  She will stop everything and watch the animals.  I have a fear she will be the type to bring strays home.....

This is her classic "bull" pose.  She could spot Papa's cows in the field.  She will point in the direction and say bull over and over until you take her to see the cows.  I think that is so funny.  With kids you don't know how much is genetic and how much is environment - but she certainly loves cows.  I know a lot can change, but if she is still as thrilled with cattle in 8 years as she is now she might like to show more than Cade.  It will definitely be interesting to watch what happens over the years. 

After we left Sheldon we headed to Joplin to get birthday party supplies.   The big party is next Sunday.  Camryn made her presence known in every store we went to because she waved and blew kisses to everyone.  Those were her two new tricks last week.  It was pretty sweet.  I think the blowing kisses thing though is a cover-up for the fact she's been extremely "busy" the last 24 hours.  How can we be upset for dragging her out of the cabinet 786 times if she follows it up by blowing us a kiss?  She knows how to work it! 

It is still hard to believe that we are planning her 1st Birthday party.  Last year Memorial Day weekend was kind of rough.  We hadn't heard from her birthmom is a week.  The last thing we knew was she was having contractions.  We thought that C had probably had the baby and wouldn't contact the agency.  We filled the 3 day weekend by keeping ourselves busy.  A year later we will still be very busy, but for a totally different reason. 

The boy's weekend was a little different than ours.  Between chauffeuring Cade around to pictures and a birthday party plus a graduation party Jay was a little short on time.  I meant to take a picture of our yard but forgot.  Jay has to turn a pile of lumber that is in our backyard into this by 4:00 pm next Sunday.  He had hoped to a get a bit more done than he did, but due to Cade's social demands that didn't happen.  Today he's trying to get the Icebox up and running.  And summer is supposed to be when it slows down????

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