Friday, June 1, 2012

And I thought last year's season was long.....

We just finished our 2nd week of baseball.  We were supposed to have 3 games this week - Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  We got to our Tuesday night game in Everton and pulled up to an empty field.  Jay called the coach and right as the coach was saying they called and left us a message at 4:30 about the game being cancelled Jay's phone beeped.  It took over an hour for that message to show up.  We drove to the middle of nowhere for no reason. 

Then last night we got to go to Stockton.  It was 60 degrees.  I had Camryn in a jacket with a hood and she fussed and fussed.  I did notice it looks like her back gums are getting puffy so she is probably cutting another tooth.  I'm not sure if she didn't like the cold last night, didn't like the hood on her jacket, or she was ballgamed out - but it wasn't  a pleasant evening.  We had pulled our car to where  I could at least see the game (or at least seem like I was watching the game).  I finally had to sit in there with her.  I changed her into her jammies hoping she would start to settle down and take a bottle and go to sleep.  Yeah right....

Instead she stood on the console.....


Played with the windshield wipers - you can tell by her blurry hands that she was moving it as fast as possible.  Up and down...up and down...

Played with the vents

Back to the windshield wipers

Got mad because the winshield slopes down so far she couldn't climb on the dash like she thought she should be able to do.

And tried to step down from the console on to the floorboard. 

Even though things seemed rough with an infant a year ago I knew this year would be much harder with baseball and cattle showing.  Thank goodness Hereford Jr Nationals are in some awful place in Nebraska because we aren't going.  I couldn't do that for an entire week this year.  All I can picture is her toddling though the barns with the manure covered walkways that get wet and it all runs together into puddles.  Then I picture her loosing her balance and landing on her rear in one of the puddles.  I don't mind if my kids get dirty but I have my limits.  Our county fair is this weekend.  I'm sure Saturday will be enough of chasing her at a show for me for awhile.  At least it is going to be cool.  If it had been last Saturday I would've faked an illness or something.  And the Everton game is re-rescheduled for next week which means 3 games next week again.

Camryn will be as glad to be at home for awhile as I will be after all of this.  If she could talk she'd probably say "get off my back would ya" and "quit following me around".

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