Monday, May 14, 2012

As you can probably tell by this picture.....

The lawnmower saga continues.  We are/were/hopefully still borrowing Granddad's old mower from Jim and Sharon.  Yesterday after round 1 the mower didn't want to turn.  Jay had to jump off before it hit the ditch and blew the tire off of the rim.  Unfortunately I had my back to the incident and missed the whole thing.  I about fell over from laughing though when Jay told me what happened. 

I was having issues of my own - using our cattle blow dryer to blow the leaves out of our front flower bed.  Note to self - avoid all houses that the description starts with wooded lot with park like setting.....that is code for you will learn to hate trees.  Jay prefers to use the cattle dryer instead of the leaf blower because sometimes he doesn't like dealing with gas engines.  By the looks of the picture on the left you can understand why.  While Jay was putting on a show for the neighbors I was burning my hands off with the dryer hose.  All I could think of was that the stupid dryer had better not blow up because WE ARE NOT GETTING A NEW ONE THIS SUMMER.  I finally called it quits because I was afraid it was going to overheat. 

We were somewhat resigned to getting a new mower until last Friday.  We got the bill for Jay's truck repairs.  Lets just say we've paid a years worth of payments on the truck in the last 2 weeks.  We aren't getting a new mower any time soon.  It is going to be a long summer.  Once plus though of the wooded lot is that all of those trees suck so much moisture from the ground that the grass should die quickly.  Jay managed to borrow our neighbors mower last night.  Camryn's party is two weeks from yesterday....hopefully we can scrounge a mower up by then.  Or we may have a new party game entitled How Much Grass Can You Cut With a Pair of Scissors .  I was about to give in to the goat idea but Jay told me they wouldn't eat the dead leaves.

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