Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5th Grade

In a few short hours I will be the mother of a 5th grader.  I can't hadly believe it.  When you hold your new baby and people tell you how fast it goes it's hard to believe it.  At that moment you are so wrapped up in bottles and diapers and not sleeping you think it is moving pretty dang slow!  Then you blink and they are almost as tall as you and you can wear their jackets.  I don't feel the sadness though that I've felt the other years when school was over.  I cried a lot on those days.  I felt like Cade's childhood was slipping by too fast.  It is a relief today to actually feel ok about today.  Like Cade said when he was brushing his teeth....don't worry mom, you still have Camryn and you'll be 50 when she is a Sophomore.  My firstborn knows how to make my day. 

Yesterday was his school field trip.  I didn't go this year, Jay got the honors.  They were going through a cave and fishing.  Very daddy like activities.  Jay wasn't sure if he was riding the bus or driving so he took my car to school.  Our garage door has been broken since about Christmas. Like most other families in our stage of life money and time are in short supply so we've been living with it.  Opening and closing it ourselves isn't a big deal.  As Jay was getting in the car yesterday he told Cade to close the door.  Cade did close the door.....before Jay backed the car out.  It's a good thing Jay realized it or we might have been forced in to buying a new garage door.  I'm probably not too sad today because I know Cade is still going to need us for a very long time  :)

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