Friday, April 27, 2012


I think we've reached the point where Cade and Camryn are acting like siblings.  They are starting to fight with each other.  I figured there would be a few spats along the way, but I didn't think it would start this soon.  It started last weekend on the way back from Fayetteville. Jay and Cade went to the Razorback Red & White game and Camryn and I hung out with Nana.  Sunday morning Cade was sunburned, tired and crabby.  Camryn was tired and out of sorts because her routine was off.  Jay and I were tired and feeling like this was what we were driving.....
They were bickering with each other.  I probably wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't heard it with my own ears.  Cade has been bad about taking things from Camryn to hear her scream.  We've had to get on to him for it.  That afternoon Camryn started screaming and I told him to give whatever it was back to her.  Cade got mad and handed whatever it was to Camryn.  A few minutes later I heard "Gosh Camryn you're not even playing with it."  Come to find out that he hadn't taken anything away from Camryn.  She saw him playing with something from the toy stash he keeps in the car and she wanted it.  We had to stop at Wal-Mart in Neosho to give everyone a break.  Cade was really griping about Camryn always getting her way.  All I could do was laugh.  I kept reminding him she's only 10 months old.  I'm sure someday he will tell his therapist that Camryn got away with everything! 

Yesterday I picked up Camryn and then had to track Cade down.  He was with Jay who was handing out chicks for the county fair.  We had to hurry home and get ready for Cade's spring concert.  On the way home Cade and I had the following conversation

C:  What's your favorite thing about Camryn
Me:  That she is our baby
C:  What's your least favorite thing
Me:  Her obsession with putting cords around her neck (even scarier than everything in the mouth)
C:  Is that all
Me:  Yup
C:  Well I have a whole list of things....

His list went on to include normal kid stuff...dirty diapers, the cord thing, etc.  I thought the conversation was pretty funny, but in a crazy way it made me feel good.  So many years I longed for Cade to have a sibling relationship.  I spent years being so afraid he'd never have that bond with someone else.  You know where you can call and say one word to your brother/sister and they know exactly what the story will be about.  Or that can laugh with you over the ugly clothes you all wore on your 80's family vacations.  Or that when you are crying because the embryo transfer/adoption didn't work you know they are crying with you,etc.  I love seeing all of it with Cade and Camryn..even the fighting in the backseat because our car was too quiet for so many years.   I love getting a peek at them when Cade doesn't know that I'm looking.  He is down on the floor playing with her and cheering for her when she does something good.  It makes my heart so happy because a year ago I didn't know if I'd ever see it.  I will take it all (even the fighting) any day!

And on another note...
 Camryn snuck a few bites of Jay's ice cream cone last night.  She was moving too fast so I couldn't get a good picture of her, but she thought she was big stuff.

And our county fair chickens came home last night.  We didn't know if we were going to have a poultry show this year.  When I made the last post about Jay's rough time I forgot the mention the chicken problem.  Chick day was supposed to be Tuesday.  Either the end of last week or sometime Monday Jay got a call that there was a disease outbreak at the hatchery where the chickens were coming from.  It wasn't a danger to humans but the company didn't want the diseased chickens spread 85 ways across the county. Finally Jay was able to track some down in Stilwell Oklahoma yesterday.  He had to travel 3 hours both ways to pick up about 1000 chickens.  I called him once to figure out what we were doing with Cade and you could hear all the peeping in the back. I think he was a little tired of hearing it by the time he got back.  So the mammoth chicken growing begins.  I can hardly contain my excitement.

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