Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mouth Swipe

This morning I performed mouth swipe #547 on Camryn.  Today's goodie was a piece of something (not sure what it would be considered...plastic maybe) that broke off of a light bulb when the lamp fell over during the night.  It was one of those new light bulbs with the curly center but the outside looks like a regular light bulb.  The outside part had actually broken a long time ago after the lamp was knocked over.  The light still worked so we kept on using it.  During the night Jay got up and knocked the lamp over.  He didn't realize that a piece of the broken cover was still attached to the part that screws in and that it had broke off.  I didn't see it on the carpet either.  Camryn was on the floor practically sitting on my feet.  I will admit I was engrossed in a news story about a couple that called 911 because their Great Dane had collapsed.  I noticed she was really quiet and had that look on her face.  I did the swipe and came out with the plastic piece.  I really didnt' know what to do.  It's not as sharp as glass so I don't think it cut her....she couldn't have had it in there for very long....I don't think she bit anything off of it....But it's just given me something else to worry about today.  And I missed how the Great Dane story ended.  I'm going to start hiring Camryn out.  If you've lost something tiny like an earring on your floor we'll turn Camryn loose.  She'll find it within seconds. 

Oh and all this happened around 5:30 am.  Really, it is not fair that babies put stuff in their mouth so early in the morning.  They need to give parents a grace period and not start that stuff until at least 6 am.

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