Thursday, April 19, 2012

State Convention, MAP Testing, Field Trip and Memory Loss...

Jay left for State Convention yesterday.  I left him with some parting words Tuesday evening, after he mentioned they dropped from 8th chapter in the state last year to 13th this year.....I don't want you whining, crying, sniffling, pouting, moping, etc after this convention.  Every one has their off years and this may be your off year.  I'm also sure Jania would concurr with that statement!

I realize that doesn't necessarily sound encouraging, but you have to learn to speak his language.  He and Lyle get a little down when things don't quite go how they hope.  Actually, I'm surprised I hadn't heard more about it before this.  They didn't qualify as many teams for state as they normally do.  They still can't complain because they qualified plenty...just not as many as normal.  He is a perfectionist with his teaching (which is a great quality in a teacher) but sometimes it can wear on him (and me). He and Lyle are great teachers, no matter what happens the next two days.  I hope he remembers that.

One thing I'm not pleased with though is that Jay is gone the week of MAP testing.  Cade is a wreck every year with the dumb things.  Someday when I'm in charge I will get rid of these ridiculous tests.  The only thing I've found they do is stress out the teacher who in turn stresses out the kid.  Every year Cade is afraid he's not going to move on to the next grade because of these things.  Really, what purpose does that serve.  When I tried explaining to Cade that this is really more of a judge of how good of a teacher Mrs D is, thinking it would make him feel better, it made him more anxious.  He said "she is a great teacher."  Now he's worried he won't do as well for her.  We're a ball of nerves this week.

His only homework this week has been to get a good nights sleep, eat a good breakfast and get to school on time.  All potential areas of failure for me this week(at least is his mind)....Last night he didn't get to bed until after 9 because I didn't realize how late it was....this morning he stressed me out because he was worried I wasn't going to get breakfast fixed....while we were eating he panicked about what time it was and was afraid he was late. 

But things were going well this morning.....until the last 3 minutes before we walked out the door.  All of a sudden he remembered his field trip slip.  It is not due until May 4th and it has to be turned in with $15 cash.  One problem we encountered when I transferred to Mt Vernon is that our bank is not here, but it is too much trouble to change banks.  Most of the time it's not a big deal but it can make getting cash tricky at times.  I just haven't got it all together to get the cash and turn everything in.  But there is still time...plenty of time.  Cade freaked out because he couldn't find the permission slip.  I told him it was in the house somewhere (I actually said it more confidentily than I felt).  If we couldn't find it we would get another one.  Then he tried to tell me that Mrs. D wouldn't give him another one.  I told him that dad would go to the school and sign it there if he needed to.  Cade informed that Dad wasn't here right now.  I lost it....I yelled at him.  I told him that we still had 2 weeks and we would get it taken care of.  Man, I hate it when I yell, but he was nagging me.  Then I was mad at myself because I thought this would be one day where we would get out the door calmly.  I could hear him sniffling as I put Camryn in the car and I was thinking you just wait until you have kids!!!! You will feel bad for nagging me this morning! 

I did apologize for yelling at him but he had to remember that we would get it taken care of.  We haven't missed sending him on a field trip yet.  Of course I did leave out the part of how I forgot to pay the electric bill Monday and didn't think about it until Wednesday.  I would've paid it earlier but I couldn't find the bill and then I fogot to call them last Friday.....He doesn't need to know that I might not remember the field trip until two days past time.  I'm a little concerned about his spring concert next Thursday...I've put reminder notes in my phone and calendar at work.  Everyone said going from 1 to 2 kids would be hard....I just didn't realize it would be this hard on my memory.  I feel like my brain is a jumble and I'm barely scrapping by with remembering everything I need to do.  Please tell me this will get better????

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