Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Almost chicken time. Again.

A few seconds ago I got an email reminder about some 4-H stuff….Trash Pick Up is Sunday the 15th.  Also, I noticed that Jay Shepherd is holding a poultry meeting at 6:30 before the regular 4-H meeting on the 17th.  I wondered why in the world he would’ve scheduled such a thing the night before he leaves for State Convention.  Then I realized that it is April.  We will have baby chicks coming to live with us in a few days.  Looking at the calendar they sure better be waiting until after April 21st.  Surely they will….Jay wouldn’t trust me to be left alone with them while he is in Columbia…..  Here we go again.  That crazy look he gets will come back.  I’ll see credit card charges to poultry companies in Arkansas.  There will be several phone calls a night to his dad.  I’ll be asked to turn off the heat lamps at lunch….while wearing a dress.  Yes, it is April isn’t it. 

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