Friday, April 20, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

I don't ever want to sound like I'm complaining about having a baby.  That is never my intentions when I post.  Most of the times I'm using this as a way to either remember this life stage, talk through my emotions, or hopefully give encouragement to someone in similar circumstances that it is ok to admit to themselves it is hard. 

Following that disclaimer though I'm going to make a statement.  Camryn is a handful right now.  I think she may shorten my life span if she continues with her current antics. Maybe my memory is foggy but I do not remember Cade being in to stuff like she is.  I know he used to like to dig the DVD's out from under our TV.  That happened pretty much daily until Jay tied the doors together.  The only other incident I remember with him was eating (and scattering) a bag of BBQ chips when he was almost 2.  That was because we had no storage in our old house and we kept stuff like that in a microwave cart.  Don't get me wrong, he was a busy busy boy, but I don't remember him doing so many things that could hurt him like Camryn does.  Now taking him to the mall was a different story.  I ran constantly once he started walking, but at home he was a good kid.  It probably also helped that Jay and I could barely get the kitchen drawers open at the old house. 

Then there is Camryn.  Maybe it's my age...maybe it's that we had been in the same comfortable routine...but I believe destruction should've been her middle name.  I feel like one of those people that all of us mom's have rolled our eyes at and thought  do they even watch their kids?  Yes, I watch her all the time.  If she's not with me she is with Jay.  Occasionally we will have Cade keep her occupied while we cook or switch out laundry.  He's such a worrier though that he does a pretty good job of it, but we are only a room away.  When I went to buy outlet plugs the other day I saw all of the different safety things available....door locks, stove locks, refrigerator locks, toilet locks.  My first thought was a shiver of fear for the parents of the child who needed all that stuff....then I wondered if we might need it all by the time Camryn is out of toddlerhood. I did catch her elbow deep in our toilet one day after I stepped in our closet for 2 seconds to grab my shoes. 

I think I'm especially worn out today.  I don't think it has anything to do with Jay being gone.  The incidents that occurred the last two days would've happened anyway.  Yesterday morning I thought she was acting suspicious.  I did the finger swipe and found a penny in her mouth.  She had been right beside me all morning while I was getting ready.  I'm not sure where she found the penny.  This morning she crawled under our end table and got tangled in the cord.  It was draped around her neck.  She wasn't in any danger of choking, but it still scared me.  The electrical cord is now tied to the end table leg with some silver cording I found in my craft supplies.  That was after I found her sucking on my flip-flops. 

The flip-flop licking and the cord incident happened before 6 am. Even though she gets up a lot before 5:30 am today seemed doubly nerve wracking.  I really wasn't ready for her to be awake quite that early.  In fact I was at my desk and didn't know a customer was in the waiting area with a baby.  When I heard it cry I jumped a mile and panicked about where Camryn had crawled off to.  It took me a second to realize it was not Camryn crying and that she was safe at Stacy's.  Yes, it's going to be a long day.  And tonight Cade has baseball practice....what am I going to do with Camryn for at least an hour in cold, wet, 50 degree weather?  She will terrorize every square inch of the car I'm afraid.

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