Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Embryos Reserved

The embryos are reserved! We sorted through the profiles last night and ended up going with Blasts again. I believe those are 5 day embryos… since I've been somewhat aloof through this process I haven't done a lot of studying up on all this stuff. I just do what the doctor tells me and move on.

We picked one family that had one blast and another that had 5 so that gives us our 6 total. That will also mean that once again we could have a set of twins not genetically related to each other. Last night we had all of the papers spread around, they were divided into blasts and multi-cells. We were thinking about using the multi-cells but then noticed that the genetic parents wanted the adopting family to live in the west. Missouri was not an approved state so we had to throw those out. To get enough multi-cells we would've had to used 6 different families. We learned the last time that greatly increases your expense when it comes to paying the shipping and storage costs. We weren't interested in paying that much again.

That left us with only a choice of blasts. Then we had to decide which ones to use. Should we keep the ones we have already and pick 3 more, should we start over, how should we decide….We went through them one more time and took out a couple we weren't sure about (one of them we removed because Jay wasn't confident in my biology lesson on recessive genes). That left us 4 donors to choose from. Since we are extremely tired of making these sorts of decisions we did the best thing we could think of to pick the embryos…I emptied out a Longaberger Bread Basket and we dropped the 4 donor numbers into the basket and pulled them out. Jay pulled them out twice and each time we got the same order. The third time we had Cade pull them out – same order. That's what we went with.

That's it, that's the big decision we made last night. While we were looking through them nothing mattered to us – who cares about hair and eye color? Hair texture and body build? Ok, maybe the height because Jay was a little hung up on the size of the people and my hang up was the egg age, but really what does it matter? That's why we drew numbers. If it works this time maybe I could contact Longaberger. They are always looking for different ideas on how "real" people use their baskets. Maybe they'd even send me a couple for free???


Charity said...

Glad you went with that stragety- I was actually in the process of sending you an e-mail to tell you to just draw out of a hat...or a longaberger basket. Excited for you and will be praying that November is "it" for you!
Love you all!

Shelley said...

I love how you picked them! So they are all 6 blasts? Did I read that right? That's great! And you are right not to get too hung up on all that technical stuff like build and eye color.

I can't believe this is all starting up again so soon for you! Time flies.

I miss chatting.

Stinkin' job.....