Wednesday, August 11, 2010

State Fair

Tonight I have an enormous amount of laundry and house picking up to do to get ready to leave tomorrow night for the State Fair. We are taking Ruby and Buttons to the Hereford show. I am still battling this headache…I think it's a combo of coming down off the hormones, stress/tension and the awful heat we are having. I really hope it goes away otherwise it is going to make the fair awful!!! Jay thought giving me another shot of progesterone would make it better. I think he was half serious about it. I told him no thank you. My hip areas are still tender from the shots. I notice it if I do anything jarring – like jogging or if I bump it against something. At least it's a good excuse not to jog!

I'm sitting here just thinking again about all of the different things I've done this summer that I had never planned on doing. It has just been crazy. Never in my life would I have dreamed we'd own a Hawaiian Ice business. Or that we would've gone out on a limb like we did with the Columbia thing. Or the same as going back to infertility treatments – that was such a huge step for me. I was so done with all of that junk four years ago and then all of a sudden I found myself back in the same spot. Good or bad, it has dug up some old feelings I had buried away. Now I'm re-examining thoughts and feelings I haven't thought about in years. Maybe there are still some things I need to work through? I'm not sure what the answer is…I'm going to have to ruminate on it awhile. AND maybe the biggest thing for me this summer is going to the State Fair…..

I'm no going to sugar coat it – I hate the State Fair. I've been 4 times in my life. All four visits were roughly 4 years apart. I think it took me four years to forget why I didn't like going so I could be suckered into it again. Now this year I find myself going again, but it's not for just one day. It is for 3 whole days. At least we are supposed to have a hotel room. I'm still holding my breath because I'm afraid something will go wrong with the room and we will be stuck sleeping in the back of the truck. Again, I'm doing something I never imagined I'd be doing. But the surprising thing is – I'm not dreading it like I thought I would be. Maybe it's because it feels like the three of us have not been together for ages. This is something that we will be doing together, good or bad. So tomorrow evening, after I get home from work, the 5 of us (counting the bovines) will be heading for Sedalia. I'm going prepared – I've got my baby wipes so I can easily clean off any poo I may step in and a huge stack of books to keep me occupied. If anyone is at the fair over the weekend, look us up. I'll be the only one in the cattle barn wearing flip-flops.

Seriously – when you read about all this fun it makes you wonder why we haven't been chosen yet??? I mean a trip to the State Fair every year and the possibility of one day inheriting a snow cone empire seems like a great deal. How can anyone pass on that?

P.S. Just to explain the flip-flop reasoning. I wear Old Navy flip-flops that are like $2.50 a pair. If you step in something all you have to do is hose them and your entire foot off. Since tennis shoes average $50 a pair I will wear the same pair for a couple of years – I would much rather step in something in the cheap flip-flops that can be cleaned rather than my tennis shoes that I try to keep nice for as long as possible. Jay doesn't get my logic (hence the shape of his tennis shoes) but I think it makes total sense!

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ExamBo said...

Do you remember Janet Adkison from SMS? If so, look for her at the State Fair. She works for KMZU, a radio station out of Carrolton, MO. I believe she has a camper at the fair grounds, which could come in handy. She should be located in front of the grandstand.

- Amy