Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to Work

I'm finally back to work today after taking off Friday and Monday for the fair and yesterday for a crop insurance meeting.  I have so much to do...pretty sure my headaches have been caused by tension, but I had to make a quick post.  I've got several other I need to do...fair and 1st day of 3rd grade, but I'll have to do those when I have more time.

I was just on msnbc skimming the daily headlines and I saw this article.
American Idol Judge

I am a so-so fan of American Idol.  We faithfully watched Season 1 way back in 2002 when Cade was a baby and we couldn't do much of anything else.  We didn't watch it again until 2005 - the year that Carrie Underwood won.  Since then it's been hit and miss for us.  If we are home and think of it we may turn it on, but otherwise we aren't huge fans.  But if this article is true I will have to watch it this year because I really like Aerosmith (for some weird reason)  Maybe the whole group would be there for the finale??  I'm still upset about them cancelling their concert last year, but this might make up for it a little.  Hopefully Steven Tyler won't fall off any more stages between now and when they start the taping for the show!

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