Friday, August 13, 2010

Fair Day #1

The first day of our trip to the fair is almost over. It has been pretty uneventful for the most part. The most we've done today is just a lot of sweating. Finally about 4:30 Jay told me to take Cade back to our room. He did not have to tell me twice!! We got in a couple Hours of cool. Cade was on the verge of a brekdown so it did him a world of good which in turn helped his parents tremendously!

The fair is definitely one place where having a sibling would be handy. Then he would have a playmate to occupy the hot hours spent sitting. Since Cade doesn't have a sibling he spent those hours hounding us! I laid my head back for a few moments and every two minutes I could feel his hot breath on me and his eyes boring into my face. He'd ask when we could go and do ______? I'd say just a minute, which he took to heart, because he'd be right back a minute or two later! We are heading to tie outs right now so we are about done with day 1. All i can say about the fair my first time bein here for a show...THANK GOODNESS we have a hotel! Think we are heading out for Mexican when we are done!!!

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