Wednesday, September 1, 2010

They All Look Alike….

Before having kids I used to think all babies looked alike. That all changed the moment I saw Cade. The next morning after his birth Jay's Grandmother visited the hospital. I was so proud of myself because I was able to look through the nursery window and know which one of those babies was mine. A mother should know her own child …. If you believe that you haven't had a child of average height/weight play elementary sports.

The first year of baseball was a struggle for me. All the kids (girls & boys) were 6 and they looked alike. If I sat far enough away from home plate I couldn't tell who was batting. Was it mine? Was it a girl? Oh, well I'll just cheer anyway. This past year the kids matured enough that I knew which one was mine when he batted without straining my eyes too much. I didn't feel like such a bad mom…then football comes along and ruins it for me again.

I can't tell Cade apart when he's practicing. I had to ask Jay what number he was because I couldn't spot my own child. I had to strain to see his number, finally find him and then I'd loose him again. Eventually I gave up and played on my iPhone. All that straining was giving me a headache. Not to mention nausea from reading the numbers on moving targets. Towards the end of practice I did figure out a way to pick him out. I'd look for his legs. He's the one who's butt and legs are so narrow and skinny that he looks like he will topple over from all the weight in his shoulder/head areas. Later that evening I was telling Jay about my dilemma and he suggested the butt/ leg method. It was nice to have confirmation that once again we are on the same page with the raising of our child.

Also, I still don't like it. It makes me nervous. I'll be at the games, I just don't know if I'll be able to watch. I may encourage him to become a kicker…but with his anxiety issues that might not work. The two of us are quite the mess. Jay has his hands full most of the time.

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Charity said...

Sounds like mom when I was playing volleyball my freshman year...she still makes fun of my big shoes, skinny legs and the big knee pads.