Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Yesterday before leaving for work I decided to throw in a load of laundry. I hadn’t planned on running home for lunch because I needed to leave early because of the fingerprinting. I changed my mind at the last minute because our stack of laundry was overwhelming. It’s a good thing I did because when I went home I saw we had two messages. It was the fingerprinting place letting us know they were experiencing an equipment failure and needed to reschedule our appointments. That made me a little crabby because we are on somewhat of a tight time schedule with this update. When I called to reschedule they put us down for Wednesday, September 15. I then talked to Clydene at the NEDC and she said we needed to have the homestudy to them by October 8. That was going to cut it too close if we left the appointment on the 15th. I had to call the fingerprint people back again and reschedule it for this afternoon. That was really not what we wanted to do, but we didn’t really have a choice. So this afternoon we get to drive to Springfield to be fingerprinted then turn around and hook up the ice trailer and drive it to Sarcoxie. Yes, it will be midnight before we get home tonight. The thought of all that driving caused grumpy moment #1 yesterday.

Grumpy moment #2 occurred at football practice last night. I will admit there is a particular father there that I’m not too pleased with. I know this sounds very unchristian like, but I think I could’ve kicked him in the head and not felt a bit bad about it. And hey, since I don’t think my fingerprints are stored anywhere could they have traced it back to me??? Yesterday, because of the fingerprinting thing, we sent Cade home with some friends. We decided to still stick with that plan because we didn’t know the appointment was cancelled until about 2pm. Trying to change plans in the middle of the day was too much. If Cade had gotten a message at school that he was to ride the bus to the HS even though we told him to go home with Kaul, he would’ve gone into a tailspin. We are enough alike that I know what something like that would’ve done to him. We aren’t big on having our plans changed at the last minute. So I got to practice a little before 6:00 pm and Cade and the Kleeman’s weren’t there yet. They had to get three boys ready plus pick up a 4th boy somewhere along the way. Most of us work and have other responsibilities (and other lives) outside of 8 year old football practice. They pulled up about 6:05 pm. No big deal, except to the father that I was tempted to kick last night. He made Cade run for being late. I can not tell you how angry that made me. This guy is not even the head coach. I’m not even sure he was asked to help – he is just there barking out orders to the kids. Not that the running hurt Cade, it wasn’t that far, it was the principal of it. Yes, if Cade was 17 yrs old and late to practice that is one thing but not when he is 8 and solely relies on adults to get him there. I was so aggravated because that guy had no idea what we were going through to even get Cade to practice that night. This is not the first time this dad has annoyed me and I have a feeling it won’t be the last. I know that may sound a little mean and uncharacteristic of me, but I’m not perfect. And I don’t like this guy talking to my child. At. All. It’s hard balancing the whole natural instinct to protect your child with not turning them into mamma’s boys. That’s the only thing that kept me from not kicking him in the back of the head…and that it wouldn’t have looked good on the homestudy either. But we did have one breakthrough last night. Cade came home from the Kleeman’s knowing how to tie his shoes. I don’t know how Cesare did it, but we really appreciate it. We’ve tried for years and finally decided he’d learn at some point but until then New Balance makes some really good strap shoes….

Grumpy Moment#3 started while watching this guy “coach” these 8 year olds through this scene…

Yes, that is pouring rain hitting my windshield.  You can barely make out the red uniforms on the other side of the window. Nothing is more irritating than trying to stare daggers at someone when you can’t see them clearly. Also, thank goodness for texting. Jay had a teachers meeting and got to practice about half way through. I kept texting him anytime the dad irritated me. I’m sure Jay got annoyed, but it made me feel better!

I’m at work today trying to let all of this go, at least until the next practice. We are going today to get the fingerprints taken care of, Jay is taking Cade to practice tomorrow night so I won’t have to look at the dad, and Charity sent me this picture. Life is looking good today…..

I think I’ve been fired as her picture taker. I was trying to get her and Lawson at the baby show and people kept getting in my way. It made me laugh when I opened my e-mail this morning. Shelley – I need a camera like yours!!!


Charity said...

The running thing made me mad too! I had a similar issue happen in the 7th grade when I got to early morning bb practice and the doors were locked (not my fault I was late), but I still had to run. I'm still confused on the picture you it a stomach, a boob...what the heck is it..?
Glad Cade can tie his shoes- I was starting to wonder if Avery would have to each him. :)

Charity said...

It's a boob!

Shelley said...

Well, my camera can take boob pictures, too. So nothing fancier there. ;) But you know I'm all in favor of you getting the camera I have.

Do we need to get a posse together to hunt down the unreasonable/irrational dad? I've never understood that either. I've heard other teachers get upset with first graders b/c they are late....HUH? Unless it is this one child I had my first year of teaching who refused to dress in the morning and therefore his mom finally brought him in his jammies - late...which ended that problem...then there is nothing the kid can do about it!