Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Medication - Round #2

Sunday night I started my medication for Round #2.  It was just the BC Pill, so not anything too major.  I won't start the Lupron until somewhere around October 13th.  The last time I felt pretty good on these things.  This time, I'm not sure....I was (still am) slightly nauseous.  I hope this doesnt't become a chronic problem this time. 

I had a medicine free month so I enjoyed not having to remember to take something every day.  It was the first time since the middle of April I didn't have to take something.  The only problem with having a break is that I'm afraid I won't remember to start taking it again.  I've told Jay so that maybe he can help me remember.  And so it begins again....I just hope the outcome is different this time. 

At least one positive is that I start the Lupron after we have our homestudy visit.  That's probably good.  Let's just say I probably am not as mentally sharp on the Lupron as I am unmedicated.  Since this is a social worker I've never met before I don't want to say or do anything stupid.  On the Lupron saying/doing stupid things seemed to be a daily occurance.

Tonight Jay and I have appointments to be fingerprinted again for the 4th time.  I realize that you can't base the real world off of what you see on TV, but CSI makes this fingerprinting thing look easy.  With just a few strokes on a keyboard they can pull up the whole histroy of someone.  You would think that in real life they could store our fingerprints somewhere and pull up our records each year without having to be printed again.  I don't understand how it all works, but I'd have to believe that since my fingerprints have been scanned if I were to commit a crime and they found my fingerprints at the scene they would be able to trace them back to me???  Maybe they don't keep them after they are scanned, but if they don't that is a waste of resources....and my $52!!!  Oh the irritation!!!  I think I've said this every other time but I really really really hope we don't have to go through this again.   


ExamBo said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!

- Amy

Shelley said...

Lupron is so lovely. I wish I could be on it 365 days a year.


Thinking about you a lot, and wishing I had more time to chat with you.