Monday, June 21, 2010


Saturday night Jay wanted to take Cade, Buttons and Ruby to a show in Republic.  I had to go to Springfield that afternoon to buy 75# of sugar so I was going to meet them there.  About the time I left Springfield it started clouding up.  When Jay got about half way between home and Republic is started pouring, then hailing.  It rained hard on us for about an hour.  This all happened about 5pm that night, but the show wasn't until 7pm.  For some reason they decided to cancel it.  By 7pm though it was back to being sunny and hot.  It was disappointing for everyone.  I'd say Jay was the most disappointed, but then I think about it from Buttons and Ruby's perspective....they were taken from their surroundings, washed with cold water from the hose, loaded on a trailer, drove through pounding sheets of rain and hail all to sit in a McDonald's parking lot while we ate then they were hauled back home and turned out.  I'm sure they were very confused!

I snapped this picture of Cade because he looked kind of pittiful sitting there eating his ice cream cone.  He was all dressed up with no place to go!
Also, I've mentioned Skyler Sanders on this blog several times the last couple of years.  He is the 8 year old battling the brain tumor.  I used to work with his dad.  Please keep Skyler and his family in your prayers.  I can't imagine what they are going through. I really don't know what else to can check out his website at    
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