Thursday, June 10, 2010

For those days it's a little quiet around the office.....

A few weeks ago I discovered this website.  Now every day I have to check it out to see the latest pictures posted.  It's a good site to browse on days when things are a little slow or you need a good laugh.  It's Awkward Family photos.  What's sad is I know there are some lurking around of my family when Charity and I were on vacation that would fit in on this site.  Of course none of mine and Jay's are this bad..ha ha.  The site is

Here are some of my personal favorites...

Chairman of the Board....Why???
The Faceoff...One of my all time favorites.  Is it daughter/mother or daughter-in-law/mother-in-law?
Stepped Right In It
Scary....Again I ask Why???
Best In Show...This one didn't strike me until I read the caption.  Then I struggled to keep from laughing out loud.  I think I laughed so hard I cried.

Hope you all have as good of a time as I do laughing at other peoples pictures!

Oh, I also want to apologize for the typos in my last few posts.  I do know how to type and I do know how to spell.  It's that my internet connection can't keep up with my brain and my fingers.  Very irritating!!

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