Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ash Grove Show

Our first show of the "showing" season was Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.  Jay loaded up Buttons and Ruby and we all headed to the metropolis of Ash Grove, Mo. 

For those of you needing a recap, here is a rundown of our current livestock...

Buttons - He's our first calf born from an embryo transfer.  He was a year old in February and is turning out to be a good show bull.  His real name is Anticipation, but Cade nicknamed him Buttons because he was born with horns.

Ruby - She is a heifer that Papa Jim got for Cade last fall.  She is not quite a year old yet so she is the perfect size for Cade to show this year.  Buttons is a little big for Cade to handle, but Ruby is just his size.  Cade came up with Ruby's name.

Jewels - She is Button's full genetic sister.  She was also transferred to the same cow, Sally, that raised Buttons.  Jewels was born in February (2 days after the failed adoption) and she will be what Cade will show this fall and next year.  Cade also came up with Jewels...but to say it right you have to really draw out the first part of the word...Ju...els. So far she is showing a lot of potential, or at least that's what I've been told.

  This is Ruby.  See how she is a good size for Cade.

This is a little tykes show...aren't they cute.

Cade and Ruby in the Little Tykes show

Ruby in breed show. She won her class.

Cade and Buttons.  Jay hung around to make sure he didn't get too wild.  Buttons won his class and then won Grand Champion Hereford Bull.

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