Thursday, June 24, 2010


Baseball is finally wrapping up this week. Not sure if it's the added activity of the Icebox, the extreme heat, or all my medication, but this season has seemed long. This week we've gone to Stockton every night except Monday. Stockton is a long drive for us, close to an hour from the time we leave our house. It seems so far away! Especially when you play a 6:00 pm game so the whole drive you already dreading the heat that you are going to be sitting in. Tuesday night we played at 6. I've never seen so many red faced sweaty children in all my life. We pulled a win out, but it was close. Last night we got beat but there is still a chance we could be in the championship. BUT we have to win both games tonight. At least it's not nearly as humid as it was Tuesday so maybe the kids will do better?

I can't think of any good stories from this season. You can tell the kids have matured since we started this the year before they went into 1st grade. We didn't have anyone pee on the base during practice, Cade isn't hounding us before during and after the game for a ring pop, there hasn't been a lady with a shiny pail full of gumballs, etc. They are older and more into the game and honestly it's not nearly as entertaining! I kind of miss those days of it being utterly chaotic. I don't think the bench coach has nearly the time Jay had the year he did it. The kids actually know when they are up to bat now.  Also, the kids who used to annoy me don't any more.  I think maybe they are growing up.  That even makes me a little sad....well not that sad.

Cade has really improved this year, so that's been fun to watch. He is so serious when he's on base. He looks like a real baseball player. I've got pictures that I need to post. He looks pretty handsome in his official pictures. And he looks grown up. Makes me a little teary….oh wait, that's the hormones.

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