Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lawrence County Youth Fair

I've got several posts of pictures.  I had a lot I needed to update so make sure you scroll down to see...

Nana and Granddad's Anniversary
Ash Grove Show

I had some problems getting some of the pictures off of the camera so that's why I'm posting the anniversary and Easter 2 1/2 months later!
The Youth Fair was this past weekend and Cade once again had the heaviest pen of birds.  They weighed in at 24.80 pounds for a pen of three.  This year though Jay Cade got beat by one of Jay's students.  Cade was ok with it because he still got a buckle and a ribbon.  He had a dream that week that he got 2nd place so I think that helped him to be ok with it.

This is also our last year in Clover Kids.  Next year Cade will be able to sell his chickens at the sale and show the cattle.  Jay is glad because he's looked forward for this for years.  I will be glad because we spend a lot of time talking about the fact Cade can't do much at the fair in the time leading up to it.  Lawrence County is pretty strict on it's rules. The other places aren't so that's how we've been able to take him to the other shows in the area.   

Today our 17 chickens are being slaughtered.  Actually by now they should be about ready to pick up.  I have no idea where we are going to keep these frozen birds.  I think I know what we will be eating at every major even this year!  I'm so glad we are done with these birds.  I'm always glad to see Cade win something but I get tired of the electric bill from running the heating lamps and fans non-stop. 

The tradition before the show...washing chickens and using a shop vac to dry them.  Good times Good times.

An irritated wet chicken

Last night we watched the video and there was a shot of Cade just like this.  Last night he told us he was so nervous at that moment.  He was afraid he was going to get beat.  Not sure that's quite healthy for an 8 year old....
Notice the fan on top of the pen?  Yeah, we were the only ones who had one.  Jay is just a touch obsessed with this chicken show.  When he got into bed after midnight Saturday night he was already talking about next years modifications to the chicken pen.  And I'm the one who is blamed for being OCD???

The proud Reserve Grand Champion winner.

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Shelley and Steve said...

Being the non-farmer person that I am...I thought Jay was doing something else to that bird...not giving it a beauty treatment! I couldn't believe you were showing a slaughtering on your blog!

Great pictures. Cade is such a cute little man.