Friday, June 4, 2010

Catch Up

I’ve started posts on here a million times and I don’t get them finished. Things are hectic around our household right now. Cade’s ball games are in full swing – we play every Monday and Thursday nights. After the games we head to The Icebox to take over for whoever is working for us that evening. The other days of the week (except Wednesday’s and Sunday’s ) are spent also working at the stand. At least we can’t say we didn’t spend any time together as a family this year!

So far The Icebox seems to be doing a pretty steady business. There are nights it seems like we didn’t make many but we’re usually surprised when we get home and count the money. I’m definitely not going to be quitting my job anytime soon, but it is helping to make a dent in the amount we’ll have to send to the NEDC the first part of July. Jay says he’s developing some “regulars” in the afternoon. If there is an increase in the number of cavities at school next year it will be because of us!

Another plus to working in the stand is that you sweat. A lot. I have not sweat that much in quite some time. I’m working tonight and tomorrow night. Today it’s close to 90 and tomorrow they are calling for 95. If I wear a tank top made out of synthetic material under my shirt maybe I’ll sweat a little more and loose some inches? Ha Ha. The only problem is I rehydrate myself with Hawaiian Ice – not sure if that’s going to help me any.

Cade is doing pretty well with baseball this season. I’ve been bad about forgetting my camera so I don’t have any pictures BUT he scored a home run last night. Jay and I haven’t said anything about it being due to errors made by the other team. We’re just calling it a home run and moving on. He was pretty excited .

I’m not sure he’s a 100% thrilled with being at the stand in the evenings. He’s got a friend that lives beside the Icebox so they play together some. Cade (like most kids) is all or nothing. Either he’s devastated because Colby isn’t home and he has no one to play with or he’s having so much fun that he is upset when it’s time for us to go home. Since we aren’t leaving until about 9:30 pm Jay and I are usually more than ready to get out of there!

Jay is busy trying to raise his gigantic chickens for our county fair. Thankfully that is this weekend and we can get rid of the finicky things. We’ll get the chickens butchered after the fair and then they’ll cause a whole new issue….Where does a person put 17 frozen 7 to 10 pound birds when their summer business requires them to have a million tubs of water frozen in the freezer at all times? We’ll all be glad when the fair is over.

Jay’s also been working with Cade and Buttons and Cade’s heifer Ruby getting them started on the show circuit. Our first show was last weekend. Ruby won her class, but Buttons ended up winning the show. We were very proud of Cade because he led Buttons around with just a little help from Jay. Jay was in there with them, but I think it was mostly for moral support and bull control incase Buttons lost his mind. Buttons is no longer that cute little calf – he’s a big bull. We’ve got several shows lined up for this summer including Ozark Empire and the State Fair. Yeah!! At least we have friends who reserve several rooms in Sedalia during the State Fair – we get to have one of the rooms so I’m not dreading it as much as I used to.

That pretty much is a summary of everything that’s going on right now. Next week I’ll try to post pictures of the show and let everyone know how the embryo process is going.

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Anonymous said...

You could always give the frozen birds to family as gifts, or can you sell them?
hint, hint :)