Monday, March 8, 2010

My New Hobby

I’ll try to spend some time this week detailing how each of us is doing and how we are keeping busy. Really, we are doing ok. Nobody is curled up in a corner rocking back and forth, but keeping busy is a way for us to cope and to make sure that we don’t end up in a corner somewhere. Last week I did have a few days where I felt a little weepy for about 10 minutes but then it passed. One morning I decided that I wanted to get out the new dish towels and wash cloths I had bought to use in the hotel room for the baby bottles. When we first got back I put them away with the baby things because I couldn’t look at them. Last week I ran out of clean kitchen wash clothes so I decided to get one of those out. The tub they were in was stuck in the closet and there was no way I was going to be able to get to it unless I pulled everything out. That situation ended up with me crying – I think part of it was the frustration from the tub being stuck, but it caused the other emotions to let loose. After a few minutes I was pretty much back to normal. Last night though I decided it was time to really try to dig the towels out. Mine are really looking gross. I calmly went to the room and got the tub out. This time there were no tears, but I had to tell myself to not think about it, don’t look at the stuff, just grab what I needed and get out of there. I’ve learned that I really have to be in the right frame of mind before I attempt to get stuff out of that closet otherwise it turns into a disaster. I think that’s part of grieving/coping – you have to learn what works for you and what allows you to deal with the situation.

So back to how I’m staying busy – I’ve decided to take up sewing. I took Home Ec my HS Freshmen year and I hated it. I really hated the sewing part. It gave me tension headaches. so once I got my shirt and shorts finished I never touched a machine again. Lately I had been thinking it would be nice to know how to make a few things. I really started thinking about it once I decided we needed new kitchen curtains. I’ve looked several places at different times and never found a style that suited me. Finally it hit me, I could solve two problems at once – my need for a hobby and my need for new curtains. I decided to sew them myself.

Two Saturday’s ago mom and I went to a fabric store in Springfield. It was like heaven. There were so many colors and choices and options – I wanted it all. Finally I settled on a fabric and I bought 7 yards of it. It came on an enormous roll that barely fit in my car. Then we headed to Hobby Lobby and bought the other supplies that I needed to sew. I was set. I got home that night and I quickly whipped up a practice curtain for our utility room. I decided to wait on the big roll of fabric though until this past weekend. I wanted mom to help me. With mom’s help I got the new curtains made on Saturday. Yesterday, I got up at 6:30 am because I was so excited. I wanted to get them ironed and hung before we left for church. I’ve got a few other sewing disaster stories to tell you about, but I’ll wait. This post is already long and I want to add pictures of the final product. I’ve got to go to Springfield tomorrow and I’m planning on going back to the store. I’ve got an idea for a couple of other projects.

Here is a before shot.  Just kind of plain.  When I took these down though I couldn't beleive how much the yellow had faded, but they were 5 years old.

Here are the new ones.  The yellow is a little brighter than it looks in this picture.  I took these at 5:30 am and I realized you can see my reflection in the window.  Ignore the crazy morning hair!!!

No, I'm not trying to turn my cabinet into a jungle.  I worked over my houseplants yesterday and I'm hoping those shoots will grow some new roots.


Charity said...

They look good-excited to see them at Cades party!

Charity said...

They look good- excited to see them at Cade's party!

Kristy said...

Love the dots! Great job! I don't have a sewing machine but I've been thinking about sewing a lot lately! I found a pattern for pillowcase cute and so simple! I also found a website that is donating these dresses to little girls in Haiti. Just another idea!