Monday, March 22, 2010

The Crazy Eights

I hope the other 362 days before his 9th birthday aren’t as crazy as the first three. It all started on Thursday, the 18th (my birthday). He woke me up around midnight to wish me Happy Birthday tell me that his stomach hurt. I’m not convinced that he knows the difference between nausea and cramps because we went back and forth. I’d try to get him to explain how he felt – one minute it sounded like nausea them it sounded like cramps. Whatever it was, it made for one long night in our household. The next morning he went to stay with MeMo and Papa Jim to recover from whatever he had. When Jay and I got to their house Thursday evening Cade was running a fever and did not look good.

Later on Thursday night he perked up, but we still thought it was for the best to cancel the sleepover. He was disappointed, but we promised to make it up to him. We told him we’d take him to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It was coming out Friday night. We also knew that we had to cancel the party because we couldn’t send him to school on Friday even if he did seem to be feeling better. On Friday he got to hang out with MeMo again, but he was about 99% back to normal. Thank Goodness!!! I’ve talked to some other people who’ve had this and I think it does consist of nausea and cramping. As dramatic as Cade was Thursday morning, I’m guessing he had both too.

On Saturday things started looking not so good for his Sunday afternoon family party. We had the worst March weather I can remember in my 33 years. Saturday started with a nasty rain and it progressed to freezing something and then into snow. I think we got around 6 inches Saturday into Sunday. Then Sunday morning it started raining again which turned the snow into a slushy mess.

Did I mention we planned to grill for Cade’s party? Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of Jay and Terry at the grill, but it was funny. Two guys standing over a grill with a nasty white mess all around them. Definitely not what you’d expect on March 21st.

Because of the weather not every one made it to the party, but we still had a good time. Thanks to Terry, MeMo and Papa Jim for sticking it out and trying to make it good. Cade was so excited for this party – he even made some of his own decorations Sunday. Even though he knew the weather was bad, he was still pretty disappointed that not every one could be here….he is only 8 after all….

In keeping with the tradition set by the 6th Civil War party, Jim and Sharon came in costume. There was a loud banging on our door, with Jim yelling for Indiana Jones. He said that someone had Marion and that Indiana needed to free her. Sharon appeared as Marion from Raiders of the Lost Ark wearing a white dress – her wedding dress! Behind her was Terry carrying the Ark solo (Megan was on a school trip). Luckily Indiana jumped up and helped Terry so no one touched the ark. That would’ve killed the party mood!

Even though it was a small group we still had a good time and I’m sure Cade will always remember his 8th birthday….I know Jay and I will always remember it!

As usual Janella did a great job with the cake.

Here is one of Cade's decorations.  He used pillow stuffing to make spider webs.  He also made some signs warning us not to step on the diamond shaped squares. 
Here's Jay's crepe paper version of jungle vines

Terry and Cade with the Ark

Here's Marion after Indiana saved her

The older Indiana with his purse  bag

The older Indiana and Marion.  Guess who got to keep the whip?

The party guests

Eight Candles on the Cake

The wax hadn't even dried before Cade started taking the toys off the cake.

This was the present from Uncle Terry and Aunt Megan - a Castle Dig.  It's been a big hit, and it wasn't even an "assigned" gift.    Last night Cade got covered in dust.  It was pretty cute.

And I'd like to thank Terry and Megan for the layer of dust covering our kitchen table!

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Anonymous said...

SORRY we couldn't make it!! There were cars in the ditch along our road and the road getting to 54. Brad pulled out five people along the paved road on Sunday- wouldn't have been smart driving with the kids.