Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Temple of Doom

I was going to lump these pictures in with some pictures I took last weekend, but….really 652 Lego pieces deserves it’s own post.

Mom got Cade the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom set for his birthday. She gave it to him on Friday evening, before we headed to Branson. He salivated over the thought of playing with it the entire weekend. Jay told him that he would help him Sunday evening, but he had to go to the school for a bit Sunday afternoon.

This is where my memory gets a little fuzzy….I know I took a nap that afternoon but I’m not sure if I was asleep when he did this or if I was awake. I’m not too sure I didn’t sit there in a stupor and watch him do it, but I just can’t remember.

He opened every bag and dumped out every piece. When Jay got home and saw the mess he asked me why I let him do it. Uhm…I really don’t know why I didn’t make him stop. I guess I didn’t see what was so bad about 652 Legos covering my family room floor?

Needless to say there was some heavy duty Lego building going on in our household that evening. Luckily I managed to screw up enough of the little sets from the generic box of Legos that I’m not required to help build these things. Actually, I don’t think either one of them even considered the possibility that I could help. Since I’m still a little stung from Jay laughing over an airplane several years ago – that was fine with me.

You should’ve heard Jay when he reached the end of instruction booklet #1. He thought he was in serious trouble. Then he realized there was a book #2, which was just as thick as book #1. About the same thickness as your average appliance instruction booklet. Jay couldn’t sleep Sunday night so he stayed up until midnight trying to get it finished.  Monday morning Jay had to leave early. I woke Cade up a little earlier so he could play with it. He went straight to the same scene in the movie so he could watch it and play with the toy at the same time.

Right now all three of us are too scared to move it, so it’s still in front on the TV. Not exactly sure where the permanent home of The Temple of Doom is going to be….It may still be in the same spot on his 9th Birthday.  Oh and that red bucket behind Cade in picture's got about 20 leftover pieces.

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