Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Green Room - Part 1

I didn't put anything on the blog after we got the call last month.  Mostly I just didn't have time.  Once we got back I didn't feel like it for obvious reasons.  Now that we've gotten farther away from that time in our lives I've felt like showing you a little of what those days were like.  For those of you who have biological kids think back to all the work you did in the 9 months before they were born.  Yeah, we had to cram all of that into one weekend.  It was absolutely crazy around our house. 

We got the call on Wednesday, February 10th.  The baby was due any day.  We spent the next couple of days in shock.  We didn't get much done except for trying to come up with a game plan for that weekend.  On that Friday evening Jay and I went shopping for new bedroom furniture for Cade.  We managed to find what we wanted but we didn't commit to buying it yet.  We still wanted to look a few more places.  We also ended up in the baby section of Macy's.  It was the first time in years I willingly looked at baby things.  We ended up buying a couple of outfits.

On Saturday Sharon came over and the real work started.  We had to take the green room and turn it into a nursery.  We were about 2 weeks shy of being in our house for 5 years. You can imagine what the spare room looked like after serving as a storage room/playroom for 5 years.

The color of this room looks off in the pictures.  It more of a lime green, instead of an olive green.
Here’s the closet…it looks innocent enough.

By Sunday morning this is what it looked like. Remember that innocent looking closet? This is what it turned in to. All I could do Sunday morning was wonder around saying “I don’t know where to start” That afternoon my friend Sandra and I went shopping for baby things. She really helped me mentally sort through what we needed now and what could wait. It was a lot of fun buying stuff that I had avoided for years.

The mess moved into Cade's room....
and our room...
and the family room.  Seriously, where did all this stuff come from???

Luckily Monday was President’s Day, which meant I was off work. I spent the day trying to finish the paint in the room and getting it in order. I’m not one to ask for help, especially in my home, but I got desperate Monday evening. We needed some serious help to get everything done before we were supposed to leave Tuesday morning. Lyle came over to help Jay move some furniture and Jania came with him. I’m sure Jania got into more than she planned, but she really helped us out. She ended up folding some laundry and packed up the baby stuff for us. About the time they were ready to leave Jim and Sharon got here. They helped us finish getting things together. It was great to have so much help. There’s no way we could’ve left with our house being back to normal if we hadn’t had all the help we did. When we left Tuesday morning everything was back in place, but it wasn’t clean, but it was when we got home. Leslie arranged for us to have someone clean our house while we were gone. I thought that it would be great to come home to a clean house with a baby…I actually think it meant more to come home to the clean house when we didn’t get a baby. It was nice to come home that weekend and focusing on getting back to normal instead of cleaning the house.

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