Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Propane Incident of 2010

We had a wild 24 hours in our house Sunday night to Monday night. It is one of those things that I can laugh about now…..Monday night not so much.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling the greatest. I couldn't wait to get home. I beat Jay and Cade to the house so I stretched out on the couch for a few minutes. Jay called and said that Cade's chest and nightstand wouldn't be available until March 19th, but the bed was in. Since the poor kid has been sleeping on a box springs and mattress directly on the floor we decided to head to Springfield to get the bed. That required me to get off the couch and make myself somewhat presentable to go back out. That's when I realized that the house was freezing. I looked at the thermostat and it read 62 degrees. Great! A broken furnace was the last thing I wanted to deal with. Since we had just got propane the end of January I thought there was no way that could be the problem….

Jay slowed to a crawl and pushed Cade out of the truck (maybe a slight exaggeration) so he could go feed before we left. Cade was to move all of the toys from his room to the "We Strongly Dislike Illinois" room (formerly known as the green room) so the new bed could be put together. That meant that #1. I had to help Cade to keep him on task otherwise the toys never would've made it to the "Illinois" room and #2 the calm serenity that was in the "Illinois" room was replaced with utter chaos….like it had been for the past 5 years. All of this was done while I was not feeling well and couldn't wait to talk to Jay about the heating issue.

In the meantime, while waiting on Jay to finally finish feeding, Cade and I opened a package of Hawaiian Ice flavors (Jay's new family project). I was taking the bottles out of the box and handing them to Cade. Cade said "Hey, some of that got on me". Yes, two of the bottles leaked in the box. Our hands were stained bright yellow from the Pina Colada mix. I was wearing a brand new cream colored sweater so I quickly looked down. The way my day had been going I figured the front of it would've been stained. Whew, I thought I had really lucked out…

Jay finally made it home so I tried to catch him before he walked out to also feed Buttons, but I missed him. THEN I missed him again when he walked the trash out to the road. Do you ever feel like when you need to talk to your husband about something important they're MIA? That's the way I felt Monday. Finally I got to tell him we had no heat. He asked if I had checked the propane. Propane is his responsibility so I told him no, but surely that wasn't it. We just bought propane. Jay walked out to the tank and came back. Yes, we were completely out of propane. Which also meant we would be out of hot water. I know February was a cold month, but we had never used 200 gallons of propane in a month. Of course our little stint in Illinois didn't do us any favors in terms of staying on top of things around the household.

It probably worked out good for us to go to Springfield because at least we would be warm. But on the way there I put up my right arm to rub my eyes and Jay noticed yellow Pina Colada mix all down the arm of my new sweater. I knew there was no way I could have not gotten that on my light colored sweater.

We got to Hanks and spent what I felt like was FOREVER trying to get the bed located and loaded. Jay got in the truck after getting it all situated and said "well, they can't find the bed rails". Yes, we drove to Springfield for no reason Monday night because without the bed rails we can't put the bed together. They will be in next Monday. We did get to eat out though, which is always great in my opinion. While we were eating Jay said that all of our problems that night he could indirectly blame on the DCFS. Yeah….mentally unaware of propane, child sleeping on the floor waiting for the arrival of furniture that we don't even need now. Yes, I think it's only fair to make them responsible in our minds.

We got home and Jay and I unloaded the now useless headboard, footboard and captain pedestals. Then we went inside to watch TV in our cold house while sitting on our freezing leather furniture. We could've gotten in bed and at least been a little warmer, but Sunday night, for some unknown reason the TV on Jay's chest in our room decided to fall off. It didn't break the screen but it pulled the plug out of the TV that the antenna/cable hooks in to. I'm afraid the TV is forever lost to us after that incident. Not sure we can blame that one on DCFS, but we would if we could.

We did get propane on Tuesday so everything was back to normal last night. This is probably one of those stories that will get passed around like a family legend over the years. Hey remember the time we had no heat, no hot water and the bed rails weren't in. I did get a good laugh yesterday when I put all the little incidents together….our boy is sleeping on a mattress on the floor in a house with no heat and no warm water. I really hope he didn't tell that story to anyone yesterday….


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