Thursday, September 17, 2009


On Tuesday I had some time alone at work so I started getting information together for our homestudy update.  I had a stack of papers of all this different kinds of information that they need this year.  Not only do we have to update the medical exams, beacuse they're only good for 2 years, they changed some of their other requirements.  Now instead of taking our word on our assets we have to verify everything.  I understand the changes, I understand why they have to do it...but it still makes me grumpy.  Like Jay's retirement...I haven't seen a statement on that thing in months.  I'm not sure if it's something we get yearly or exactly what the schedule is, but now we have to track one down.  Luckily I had just received a statement for my retirement account so that's at least one thing we can mark of the list.  Basically this all boils down to being a time consuming pain in the neck and it's making me grumpy!!!!

Today Jay and I are taking off of work to get some of this stuff done.  Here's our schedule for the day...
8:40 Jay dentist appt (non adoption appt)
9:00 Crystal dr appt
10:10 Cade dentist appt (non adoption appt)
11:50 Jay dr appt
After Jay's appt we'll have to go get blood work done, one of those being an HIV test that we have to have ran again, even though we had one done two years ago.  Then we have to head from Carthage to Joplin to take care of the rest of the stuff...
2:35 Crystal fingerprint appt
2:40 Jay fingerprint appt 
While in Joplin and in between all this other stuff we have to go to my Ob/Gyn office to request that some of my medical paperwork be sent to the agency.  We also have to track down the Social Security office because a new requirement this year means we have to send in copies of our Social Security Cards.  Of course I can't locate mine so I have to request a new copy.  That will probably also require some sort of blood typing or DNA test!  Oh, and we also had to get TB tests done earlier in the week so we could take the results with us to our doctor.  We also still have to schedule an appt with Cade's doctor so he can fill out Cade's paperwork.

So today, as I sit here typing this, It's making me grumpy.  It's also one of those things in life that isn't fair (just like a lot of other things that are a whole lot worse than our paperchase), but any moron can go out a get pregnant...except for us.  Anyone else who doesn't have any business having a baby can while we have to fork over so much money, time and effort into something that right now seems like it will never even happen.  Jay and I are pretty down right now.  We are so frustrated and fatigued by all of this.  We really hoped something would happen before we had to do this update and mess with all of this stuff...but it didn't.  This is turning out to be so much longer than we had anticipated it being.  When we first went through all of this two years ago I never dreamed we'd have to update the medical stuff since it was good for 2 years...I also never dreamed we'd be getting ready for our social worker to visit us for the 3rd time. 

But I did learn one thing while sorting through this paperwork.  I dug out our marriage certificate to take with me to the Social Security office.  Even though we've had it for almost 10 years, I finally really looked at it this weekend.  Ed, the minister who married us, filled in our marriage date as December 14, 1999 rather than December 18, 1999.  I'm not sure if the part he mailed in to the state has our date correct or not.  I guess that means I should tell Jay I need two anniversary presents this on the 14th and one on the 18th????


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